A Woman's Worth in Dollars and Sense

By Dawniel Winningham
This weekend I was blessed to speak at the Start Wherever You are Tour as it kicked off in Austin, TX (15 more cities to go (www.startwhereveryouare.com). Normally as a speaker, I am more concerned with keeping the contents of my OWN speech in my head, but as

I prepared to go onstage another voice caught my attention.

The voice belonged to Dr. Venus Opal Reese and she called to my spirit when she discussed a woman’s worth.

Sometimes we may not realize our REAL value; not only to our jobs, but to our families, our communities and even our churches. Dr. Venus challenged us to take the time to add up ALL that we do to ensure the success of everyone around us, and then question ourselves when WE do not share in that success! Dr. Venus’s spirited delivery came with instructions: If she stated a truth, we were to respond, PREACH, and if she stated something that we agreed with, we were to respond, HOLLA! As Dr. Reese spoke, there was an eruption of “preach” and “holler” from the audience.

As women we control 1.1 trillion (yes with a T) dollars in spending power, but we are more likely to experience poverty in our lifetime! Women serve as 66% of the world’s work force but only control 10% of the world’s wealth and 1% of the world’s land. Something about that just does NOT add up!

Dr. Venus boldly revealed that women are the backbone of this country, but more often than not, we are also the doormats. We invest very little of that 1.1 trillion dollars in ourselves and in our futures.

The tickets to the next level are not FREE and the knowledge we NEED to build the lives we deserve is an investment in our future.
Dr. Venus Opal Reese (she has two masters degrees and a Ph.D.), says that we should “pimp our pain” as opposed to sitting around feeling sorry for ourselves. Dr. Venus has survived the depths of homelessness and is now teaching other women to cash in on their own dreams and to not be afraid to build their own wealth.

As I look at my own life, I’m tired of being a cash cow for other people; tired of proving myself over and over, year after year; and I’m tired of doing the most work and robbing Peter to pay Paul.

And because I am tired, I am on the move, building a life for myself that will allow me to do more of what I love and be paid for it.
ARE YOU on the move?

It is not something that you can expect to just fall in your lap. It is time for you to be deliberate about cashing in on your skills. It is time for you to DEMAND what you are worth for your time and refuse to take anything less.
Yes we all have to make a living, but that doesn’t mean that the job you hate is the job you’ll be stuck with for eternity.

It is time to STOP dreaming about starting a business and to start building! We all have to realize that this is OUR life and people only pay us what we tolerate. So if we are NOT cashing in on our worth it is time for us to DO SOMETHING about it.

I know I will be on the grind.

Preach and Holla!

Join the Defy Impossible Live Event with Dr. Venus Opal Reese October 10th – 12th in Delicious Dallas TX.
Dawniel Patterson Winningham is founder of National Day of Sisterhood celebrated each year on December 12th. The goal is to help women of diverse ethnic backgrounds realize that When Women work TOGETHER, anything is possible. This year’s theme is “A Time for New Beginnings: Community, Education, Health, and Business.” Connect with her on https://www.facebook.com/NationalDayOfSisterhood and follow us on twitter at @sisterhoodday.
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