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Inconsistency - A Key Ingredient In the Recipe for a Breakup!

by Gina B. Unfortunately, I know a lot of couples who are divorcing. It’s sad, because in some cases I’ve watched their relationships progress from the promising inception to the painful demise. There are a variety of reasons that couples split, with one of the most popular being financial. In many cases, however? When one... Read more »

Sisterhood: Support vs. Begging There's A Difference

My Sister’s Keeper? By Dawniel Winningham Every day I get LOTS and I do mean LOTS of calls and text and messages asking for help. I am a life and business coach and so to a certain extent it goes with the territory. Some don’t mind paying me for the knowledge that has taken me... Read more »

10 Relationship Questions to Ask Yourself and Your Lover

Relationship expert Terez Williamson takes a minimalist approach to love, and we love him for it. In one of the most relevant blog posts on love, on Tiny Buddha, Terez asks poignant questions that indicate whether or not you should be concerned about your relationship. Here are a few of Terez’s questions that really gets... Read more »

Don't Play the Shame Game

By Kym B. I need help. Do you? Sometimes we need a team of people to help attack challenges in our lives; yet few of us take advantage of our support network. We would rather suffer in silence than reach out for help.  Why is it okay to accept help when children are involved, as... Read more »

Single Ladies: Quit Lying; Being Single Wasn’t A Choice

By Shettima “Mocha Chocolate” TV Webb Have you ever been that woman—the one that is often sized-up and asked, “Why are you single?” I am sure every single, attractive, got-it-together Alpha woman has been asked that God awful why are you single? question.  I loathe that question. What straight, single woman does not want a... Read more »

Photos: Skyy Vodka's Everyday People Brunch Event

Chef Roble, Saada Ahmed and friends spent their afternoon at the Everyday People Brunch presented by SKYY Vodka’s House of Moscato in Chicago recently and scores turned out for the Sunday brunch and party held at  Sawtooth Lounge. Guests enjoyed a special curated menu by the Bravo TV chef, signature cocktails made with new SKYY Infusions Moscato Grape and tunes by DJ... Read more »

Celebrity Matchmaker's Dating Tips for Shy Singles

Celebrity Matchmaker's Dating Tips for Shy Singles
Celebrity Matchmaker’s Dating Tips for the Shy Singles  By Susan Trombetti, CEO of Exclusive Matchmaking When it comes to shyness/anxiety, these are some of the types of people I find matches for everyday. As a matchmaker, I can’t just give them a date without addressing the clients’ extreme shyness and anxiety around dating. They can’t open up... Read more »

7 Little Things to do for Your College-Bound Kid

By Nicole Harding How could it be? That little baby you were just reading Goodnight Moon to, is packing up and moving on to college and you are FREAKING OUT! Yes, there’s no other way to put it! It’s freak-out and meltdown time but it’s okay because you are not alone! Before you go too... Read more »

Macy's Benefit Brow Bar Beauty Experience

Macy's Benefit Brow Bar Beauty Experience
by Dawgelene “Dr Dawj” Sangster– Folk that know me know that I am not a fan of much make-up and I think I am fairly simple when it comes to beauty. I like the natural look and it works for me. I visited the Macy’s Water Tower Place Benefit Brow Bar for a beauty experience.... Read more »

FAIL! 5 Relationships Recovering Addicts Should Avoid

By Rachel Trimble Active addicts and alcoholics make terrible partners in any type of relationship—especially romantic ones—and newly-clean addicts are no different. But… who attracts damage as well as another damaged individual? Who understands the needs of someone in recovery as well as another recovering person?   FAIL! Five Relationships Recovering Addicts Should Avoid Even... Read more »