He's Only Human--Do You Expect Too Much?

By Liz Lampkin

How many of us remember Jeffrey Osborne’s song titled Only Human? Well I do…in fact it’s one of my favorite songs.

As I sit and listen to Jeffrey’s sultry voice and the timeless melodies that accompany the lyrics, my ears are drawn into listening in depth to the lyrics, and thinking about the general message of the song.

The first line of the chorus says, I’m only human don’t ask me for too much too fast… so on and so on and this led me to think further about how honest and vulnerable he was while singing the lyrics to this song, but it also showed how strong he was to admit that he was just a man.

Ladies, would our relationships with men be better if they were as honest as Jeffrey Osborne was in this song? I would like to think so. Why? Because so many times a man tries to be more than who he is in order to impress a woman he wants.

I believe if more men would be simple, upfront and honest with women, relationships would be healthier and happier.

The first line to the chorus also resonated heavily with me, and led me to ask myself, do I ask or expect too much of men too fast?

Of course the answer to this question for me was no, but ladies I think this is a question we should ask ourselves after and during each relationship we encounter to evaluate whether or not our expectations are realistic, and if some of our requests are right on time or in bad time.

This is an important question to ask because more often than not we expect certain things from a man at the infant stages of a relationship, and when our expectations aren’t met we immediately want to end the relationship without seeing where it can go!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that we should lower our expectations because a man is only being human, but I am saying that we shouldn’t keep unrealistic expectations of a man who is indeed is only human.

Ladies take some time to evaluate what it is you ask of a man, and what you expect him to have and to contribute to a relationship; then ask yourself, ‘can I meet these same expectations if he were to ask the same of me?’ 

Ladies, what do you expect from a man in a relationship? Have you ever been told you ask for too much too fast?

Was Jeffrey Osborne talking to you?

Liz Lampkin is a woman of God, Educator, Speaker, Mother, Sister, Daughter, Friend, and Encourager living in purpose on purpose. Follow her on Twitter @Liz_Lampkin

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