FAIL! 5 Relationships Recovering Addicts Should Avoid

By Rachel Trimble

Active addicts and alcoholics make terrible partners in any type of relationship—especially romantic ones—and newly-clean addicts are no different.

But… who attracts damage as well as another damaged individual? Who understands the needs of someone in recovery as well as another recovering person?  

FAIL! Five Relationships Recovering Addicts Should Avoid
Even with some time in recovery, we should avoid jumping into relationships with other recovering people because it can be counter-intuitive.Here are more hook-ups to avoid if you want a successful recovery.

1. The newly-clean addict and someone with substantial clean time. Ask yourself, is it the person you are attracted to, or the recovery time they have? On the flip side of this coin, the addict with the substantial clean time should avoid playing the role of Captain Save an Addict to the newly-clean person.

2. The too newly-clean person and anybody else. You haven’t felt ANYTHING in who knows how long. The fog has cleared and the hormones are kicking, but you must slow down and give yourself some love, and a new chance! Focus on you.

3. The newly-clean and the ex. You got clean, but your ex did not. You want to save him/her with all you learned in 21 days, but going back to the same old routine with your ex can send you back to rehab alone.

4. The clean person and the chronic relapser. You have a past; therefore it’s understandable to still feel something for your lover. However, you cannot play Captain Save an Addict. He/she had their chance and they gave it away. Be real with yourself and see the situation for what it really is—get off the roller coaster.

5. The newly-clean and someone with NO understanding of the disease (addiction) and no desire to learn about it. You didn’t use drugs in a vacuum and thus you cannot recover in one.

Rachel Trimble is a friend, a mother, a woman, and a lover all because she has been set free from the chains of addiction through recovery and love. Follow Rachel on Twitter @RachelTrm

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