Every Woman Needs a Woman

Every Woman Needs a Woman
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By Rachel Trimble

My first one-on-one interaction at a recovery meeting was with a man.

 He handed me a tissue, put his arm around my shoulders, and said “You are in the right place, let me introduce you to some women you need to get to know.”

I wanted no part of any of them; they looked like grown-up versions of my middle school bullies. The women were beautiful and well-dressed, and worst of all, they all hung together. Ugh.

It’s often suggested that women stick with women, especially in early stages of recovery, but I didn’t want to do that because I didn’t trust women.

I was used to the company of men because they were easier to manipulate. Let’s get real; I didn’t trust women because I couldn’t be trusted. I didn’t want to be that manipulator anymore, yet it was a comfortable place to be.

 I had to get uncomfortable to get better. The women I met were so transparent with their feelings and insecurities and there were also willing to help me with mine.

They lifted me up. They always answered their phones. They circled the herd for me, a total stranger, and I became their sister. They listen to my secrets—AND THEY NEVER TOLD A SOUL.

This is why in recovery we suggest women stick together. We throw the manipulator away. We learn to stand together. We stop bullying. We protect each other from male predators.

This early interaction changed everything for me, and I’m a girl’s girl today.

I’ve cultivated wonderful friendships with women, and I’m grateful for my ever-widening circle of High Caliber Women.

Women, we must stick together and uplift each other.

Rachel Trimble is a friend, a mother, a woman, and a lover all because she has been set free from the chains of addiction through recovery and love.

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