A Frustrated Chick Asks: Dream Job, Where Are You?

By Shanti Ray

I believe it’s safe to say that most parents from birth until adulthood groom their children for the future. Provide them with the necessary tools needed to be able to survive in the world on their own. I can recall my mother and school teachers telling me “Do well in school, go to college, get your degree and you will land your dream job.” 

I thought life couldn’t be that simple and if it was, then boy oh boy, I’m going to be a successful attorney and published author by the age of 25. Boy was I wrong!

I excelled throughout grade school and graduated with honors. Getting into college was a no-brainer, but paying for college was my reality check. Coming from a single-parent home where finances were not all that great, setting up a college fund was not a priority. It actually took the back seat to keeping a roof over our head, putting food on the table, and ensuring that we had clothes on our back. What was a reality check for me is also a reality check for others.

Scared and nervous that I would not get my chance at a college education and follow my dreams I became even more determined. I refused to settle. I what I wanted to be so I devised a plan to get there by joining the military, working a full-time job and taking a full load in school. When I graduated with my Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice I started job hunting because I knew that if I planned on going to law school I would have to work to pay my way through.

Needless to say the degree did nothing for me. Three years later I was still in the banking industry with no room for advancement because my education said one thing while my experience said another.

Why couldn’t the employers see that I am more than just my resume?

At wits end with applying for jobs in my desired career field I decided that maybe just maybe I’m supposed to be where I am-in banking. So I accepted it, put my dreams on hold and decided to get my Master’s in Business Administration in order to advance to Management in the banking industry. I excelled in my graduate program and after completion I applied for management positions.

Still nothing.

Frustrated and confused I begun to question everything: myself, my faith, my skills, experience, even my education. Everything I knew I possessed that others just could or did not see. I paid for a professional resume writer, job hunter, went to professional networking events, joined professional associations and still nothing.

I pray, meditate, pray, and meditate again. I repeat positive affirmations daily to create a positive head-space.

Why can’t the employers see that I Am More than Just My Resume?

I know who I am, I know what I have to offer, and I’m up for any challenge that falls in my lap.


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