Shocking Orgasm Survey: Guess Who's Faking It!

A shocking new sex survey found that one in six men would leave a partner who did not perform well in bed; and one in five women considered having regular orgasms to be more important than being in love.


The survey focused on 3,800 British men and women and the results were published in the Daily Mail.


Six strategies to achieve orgasm, according to the survey included:


  • More foreplay
  • More oral sex
  • Introducing sex toys
  • Changing positions
  • Being sober
  • Not being too tired


Adult retailer Ann Summers, founder of National Orgasm Week, conducted a separate survey of 500 Europeans and found that single men have the most orgasms, (only faking it 14 percent of the time), whereas married women reported more orgasms than single women, and faked it only 12 percent of the time. 


The surveys were released in anticipation of National Orgasm Week that launches on Wednesday, July 31. The European tradition will be celebrated in Chicago at the Explorgasm Women’s Health Event, on Wednesday, July 31st at Coup d’Etat, 2109 S. Wabash. Click here for more details.







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