Fatherless Blacks: Who Stole Our Daddies?

By A Comeaux

In the wake of a glorious holiday celebrating someone’s freedom from somewhere that doesn’t include African descendants, there were 70 shootings in Chicago and OWN aired a show on Fatherlessness in America.

Maybe I took off too fast.

Allow me to set the stage: America, Black America primarily, is daddy-less due to the government.

Now before you stone me, think back a few decades, a few senseless wars ago before projects were built “as a project for urban community living” but simultaneously made it a requirement for fathers to be absent in order for mothers to receive welfare.

These men had to ‘hide’ their belongings, themselves and their pride for the sake of a few food stamps and subsidized housing. During this same period, manufacturing jobs and plants were hiring by the swarms—except Black men. Google this.

Once again, America was being built, much to the sacrifice of our families, and the plot has thickened over the decades. Then there’s the ever glorious crack epidemic that wiped what was left of our men and addicted our women by the thousands, and fast! Good job, America!

No help was offered to our veterans who fought a war that would never defend them.

No refuge for our children who lost more than their childhood to drugs, violence and oppression.

These same children, who grew up in crack-infested homes and neighborhoods, became America’s new threat when they started cooking their own poison to match Scarface and the likes. Daddy gone and mama cracked out. Daddy gone, Mama strung out.

Yes, these children, who are now killing children, are the direct result of a silent and devious institution of drugs and a lack of education. Drugs and the lack of resources. Drugs and the lack of guidance.

America pushes wealth in our children’s faces, with cars and jewelry with no mention of legal means to attain such luxury. America, media, media, America. You get it. You see it. Without rap or a sport, what’s left? What are their odds?

Today, men make children and walk away like they pissed on a tree because they weren’t fathered and taught to stay. Yes, there are exceptions, don’t troll me.

Historically, we come from kings. Originally, we come from fathered homes. Currently, the familial institute is as a thing of the past just as Fila sweat suits and gold chains. Our very own favorite D-boy turned worldwide phenom Jigga man himself sold dope down the street from where he now owns a stadium.

He courted then married the mother of his child. Jay Z somehow found a way to create #newrules breaking the internet (twice) with a free album then later charged for it. Ever the hustler! Our greatest exception. But Hov himself isn’t enough. When asked who stole our daddies, it’s not rhetorical question. I’d like to know. Maybe from an estranged daddy, tell me why you left, and never came back.

But first, tell me what happened to your daddy…

A Comeaux

Chief Chick A Comeaux is the writer, speaker and actor who poetically paints pictures of life and love with a paradoxical perspective.

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