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National Orgasm Week: A Poem for My Best Lover

By A Comeaux I suffer from an acute case of insomnia. I don’t get laid often, honestly, not since last Fall. Before that, last Spring. So my nights are typically filled with books in bed and journals of poetry where a warm body should be. This night was different. After my hot bath and red... Read more »

Watch: Anthony Anderson Serenades Bevy Smith!

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Actor Anthony Anderson shows his singing chops as he serenades author and celebrity restauranteur socialite, motivational speaker, and host of Dinner with Bevy, Bevy Smith. Here, he sings, “Let Me Love You Down,” during the Art 4 Life event held in the Hamptons. Let Me Love You Down happens to be the perfect song to... Read more »

When She Stopped Faking, She Found Love

By Sylvia Snowden He stared at me with such intensity that I was almost certain he knew what I looked like naked; though, I’d never actually undressed for him.  I was staring at him, too. I’d always wanted to fall in love but, I never really believed it would happen. For one, I was old,... Read more »

Shocking Orgasm Survey: Guess Who's Faking It!

A shocking new sex survey found that one in six men would leave a partner who did not perform well in bed; and one in five women considered having regular orgasms to be more important than being in love.   The survey focused on 3,800 British men and women and the results were published in... Read more »

Celebrity Gossip Maven Flo Anthony's Deadly Stuff Players

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November 19th is the release date for the latest book from celebrity gossip maven and media personality Flo Anthony. While on the Cadillac #HamptonsATS tour, we caught up with Lady Flo and she gave us the dish on her new murder mystery, Deadly Stuff Players, The book is available for pre-order now, and is destined... Read more »

Photos: Tyler Perry, Rick Ross, Russell Simmons at Art for Life

Rick Ross
Russell Simmons’ Philanthropic event, Art for Life, is designed to fund art programs for children who suffer emotional or physical hardships.  The fundraiser took place in the Hamptons, New York, and attracted several celebrity patrons of the arts and performances by Doug E. Fresh, Estelle, Rick Ross, and Maxwell. The event was a part of... Read more »

Photos: Sexy R&B Artist Joe at BMOA Block Party

Joe interacts with his fans!
The Black McDonald’s Operators Association of Chicagoland & Northwest Indiana proudly hosted the first “BMOA Block Party” on Saturday that featured a live performance by R&B sensation Joe. This free event was held in partnership with V-103 (WVAZ-FM) at the historic Marmon Grand Ballroom in Chicago’s south loop neighborhood. In addition to this concert from... Read more »

Are You Holding the Place of His True Love?

by Gina B. Relationships can be very sneaky. You think you’re in a real partnership, and one day you realize that it’s not what you think it is. Maybe you hadn’t noticed that you only see your “boyfriend” between the hours of midnight and 7:00 am, and you suddenly determine that you’re not a girlfriend;... Read more »

5 Tips to Survive Your First Heartbreak

By Liz Lampkin  Losing your first love can be devastating to your mental and emotional state, as well as your outlook on relationships. The loss of an intimate relationship (be it physical or emotional) can damage your self-esteem. You may fear that you’ll never find someone like your first love, you may lose faith in... Read more »

Shopping for Love in all the Wrong Places

Designer Love By Celeste T. Parker The topic for this week is love. Like Chicago Public Schools (CPS), my heart is on strike and now closed. I push my pen forward knowing that this revolution may not be televised. It was present day summer 2013. I was more excited than a May prom queen turned... Read more »