Relationships: 5 Things Your Woman is REALLY Telling You

By Zondra Hughes

Wednesday’s Tweet-Chat was surreal (#SBCChat). Our Tweet Chat superstars revealed things women say that may not mean what you THINK it means.

Here are 5 things your Woman is REALLY telling you

When a woman cooks for you, it means that she thinks highly of you; cooking is intimacy.  “Cooking is a labor of love in a way and the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” @MindofaDiva  However, “Keep in mind that cooking for a man is different than cooking for yourself and he comes over for a plate,” advises @GinaSpot  

If she asks, ‘Do you still communicate with your ex?’ And if you are still communicating with your ex, this contact is worrisome for her. It is especially worrisome if you dumped your ex; she’s asking is there a possibility that you still sleep together (or that you may want to).

If she asks, “How does she look?” If your woman is referring to your ex, she wants to know if you have a standard of beauty (and if she fits into the standard). She also wants to know if she is an upgrade to the woman you dated before.

If your woman is referring to another woman in your life, such as a coworker or female friend that she hasn’t met, your woman wants to know if (that woman is your type) and if something fishy is going on.

If she asks, “So, you’re going out with your boys again?” She’s had enough of your late-night partying and feels that you need to give her some more face-time.

If she says, “Some time apart would be good for the relationship,” there’s a good chance that she’s about to move on because, “someone else has her attention,” states @GoddessMandie.

Here is a link to the full chat.

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