Redefined Black Women: Sophia Angeli Nelson, Nikki Woods, and Sonya Sloan

By Dawniel Winningham, Houston SBC Correspondent

The #redefinition will NOT be televised

Scott Hebron’s quote on “The revolution will not be televised” “… was about your mind. You have to change your mind before you change the way you live and the way you move…The thing that’s going to change people will be something that no one will ever be able to capture on film. It will just be something you see and all of a sudden you realize ‘I’m on the wrong page.’”

A few months ago Patricia Smith, correspondent for CNN and a dear friend of mine that I met the year before referred me to a book called Black Women Redefined. The author was Sophia Angeli Nelson. Since I am not the political sort, (I typically vote for the president and the mayor and that is where I get off the political bus), so I had never heard of her. No doubt that if you follow politics YOU WILL know Nelson and her contributions.  Soon women EVERYWHERE will know her name whether they follow politics or not.

I will tell you now that the book changed my life, changed my views on relationships and changed my views on the relationships I have with my other sisters. The book REDEFINED ME!

The #redefinition will NOT be televised

So imagine my delight when I heard that Sophia Angeli Nelson Esq. (because she is on top of everything else a lawyer) was making her way to the city of Houston. THIS is something I had prayed for and Dr. Sonya Sloan, First Lady of The Luke and Director of Me&We Inc. was making it happen!

In the first five minutes of the event I KNEW I was in the right place. The event heralded black women and women in general working together from the word go.  Nikki Woods famed Senior Producer of The Tom Joyner Morning Show was on hand to make the introduction.  But even the powerful introduction did not prepare me for what was next.

Sophia hit the stage like a KEG of dynamite and the minute she opened her mouth I KNEW that this sister gets it!  Sophia understands that the crab in the bucket mentality is passé. She knows that in order for us to PROGRESS, we must allow each other to BE our best. She preaches that we MUST love ourselves in order for us to LOVE each other. We must get rid of the baggage in order to make room for NEW things in our life. Last but not least WE can accomplish anything if we stop listening to the world tell us we can’t! She is not shy about her message OR her delivery. Most importantly she is not shy about her SHEER love of other women.

The #redefinition will NOT be televised

Dr.  Sloan and Sophia gave me something to think about as she explained how her organization ME & WE means that first I MUST take care of ME, so that I can be in a place to take care of the WE. (And I am getting MORE sleep now as a result). There was a standing ovation when she said that SEX is healthy, but she quickly cleared it up by adding IF you are married.  The claps died down just slightly after that clarification.J

The #redefinition will NOT be televised

Sophia and Dr. Sloan brought in an all-star cast of first ladies including Dr. Bridget Hilliard (Wife of Dr. IV Hilliard) and former first lady Kim Bady (author of Authentically Me, another must read) to replay the Essence article on the first lady life style LIVE, letting us all know that we are all GOD’s children and that we all need LOVE, UNDERSTANDING and SUPPORT, including our first ladies.  These ladies shared openly and were refreshing and down to earth.

The #redefinition will NOT be televised

I am still reeling from the information and continuing to look for ways to implement change in my life. My message to YOU is THIS:  Sister it is time for YOU to get redefined and I am blessed to help you get started on your journey.

1.       Purchase the book AND READ IT!  If it is the only book you read this year or if it takes you a YEAR to read it, then do so.

2.     Take the time once a month to have a REDEFINED brunch and discuss the things you are using from the book to improve your life. It is up to all of us to work on breaking these generational curses that have held us bound and gagged like hostages for so long.

3.      Be on the lookout for Sophia Angeli Nelson. Follow her and pray that she comes within a 100 miles of your town. If she does grab your girls and GO! It will not only change your life, but it will move your ability to improve all of the relationships in your life to the next level.

4.      When you meet a sister, any sister, treat her like she is the Second Coming. Don’t worry about her clothes, don’t worry about her shoes, only worry about her ability to treasure YOU and YOUR relationship with her. In short, love your sister as you love yourself. Seems like I have heard that somewhere before.

The #redefinition will NOT be televised

The #redefinition IS HERE!  Don’t miss YOUR chance to get redefined.


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