Love Takes Time…

By Yanni Brown

Dave&DanaMaxxIf you asked me what’s love got to do with it, well I’d say without hesitation “Absolutely Everything”.

I’ve been researching, studying the behavior of love and relationships and facilitating workshops on relationships, love and marriage for over 20 years now and what I’ve learned about it is what we all know. LOVE IS LOVE! It’s easy to slip, trip and fall in love but the bigger issue that many couples face is how do you stay there?

Over the last few months I’ve had the pleasure of sharing the platform of “Intimate Discussions” with Mr. Dave Maxx of Mak3. We’ve had some intense, amazing conversations about love, life and the pursuit of happiness. It has been in those conversations that we’ve agreed and agreed to disagree but to hear him speak about “her” was fascinating. More importantly the lessons leading up to her and why she is and was “The One” was even better. I’ve said this time and time again that there is something to be said for when a man loves a woman, you can see it, feel it, and sometimes even taste it! In a world that tells us that love is expendable and that it cannot be successful, I’m here holding on and believing that it just takes time! It takes time; energy, commitment, faith, God, trust, prayer and well you can add your own recipe for love here.

In those many conversations, Mr. Maxx shared that time tells you that HE wants to be a better man not because of her but because of who she is. There are roles to be played, even in a world that says that the roles are now reversed. We are still Kings and Queens and while a good King leads, his queen will always guide. The Queen who supports and stands by her King makes him want to be better. In time he will adjust, be willing to inconvenience himself and ultimately sacrifice or deny himself her, his Queen. It is something about the essence of a woman that is revealed in time that says “I’m ready to spend the rest of my life loving you.” Understanding that you have to be in past the love, through the love and ultimately FOR THE LOVE even when it’s LVOE mixed up & messed up because… LOVE IS… Ups, downs, highs, lows, ins, outs and time after time with YOUR BETTER HALF! Not your other half but your better half. The half that makes you smile, makes IT all worthwhile, makes you stronger, bolder, even wiser because that’s just what BETTER HALVES DO!

Sunday, June 3, 2013 I witnessed love take it’s time with a couple that deserves nothing but love, peace, joy and happiness. The wedding was beautiful. Every detail carefully planned, from the monogrammed recipe for love box to the pouring of the unity sand and the jumping of the broom.  The decorations were simply beautiful, tranquil even! It had Dana’s vibe written all over it, with the exception of Dave’s Cigar Bar after dinner. That was Dave! They both invested time to make their wedding about them and the love that they share and how on that day, their wedding day, they shared their love with us.  Many couples spend time and lots of money planning the wedding but Dave and Dana has invested that same time in planning for a successful, loving marriage. Watching them compliment one is a just as beautiful as her walking down the aisle to meet her King. For some they saw just a wedding with someone that they love and care about, however what I saw was a loving couple who knows and understands that love takes time!


Please join me in Congratulating Mr. Dave and Dana Maxx on Making Love Better TwoGether.

Yanni Brown of Making Love Better TwoGether


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