Love Can Save an Addict

Love Can Save an Addict
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We host a love tweet chat every Wednesday (#SBCCHAT) at noon, and for the past few weeks, one of our Tweeps would dive right in and Tweet her views on love, trust and honesty. In 140 characters or less, Rachel had me mesmerized with her authenticity, and her clarity on her situation, and most importantly, Rachel was resolute that her painful past does not define her present. I knew that she could help someone with her words; and sure enough, several of our Tweeps have praised and re-Tweeted Rachel for keeping it real.

Please welcome SBC Correspondent Rachel Trimble, and her first blog about how she knows for sure that Love CAN Save An Addict. –Zondra

By Rachel Trimble

     No one knows degradation and despair like an addict trust me, I am one.

We live in hell every day we use.

On the other hand, when the light bulb turns on, and we find recovery and stick with it, we are capable of love and compassion, the depths of which cannot be described. 

I saw the pain mixed with love in the eyes of the man that I love, when he told me he couldn’t watch me die that slow death anymore.

At that moment, I knew it was time to try, to really try, to love myself enough to summon the courage to recover. I found a program, full of people who promised to love me until I loved myself. That is powerful.

I found women there so strong, so caring, so hell-bent on loving me that I couldn’t help but come back. I had to have what they had. Recovery from this disease of addiction, and it is a disease. 

     It is happening, I am becoming a lover of myself, and I am recovering.

Recovering people like myself, we walk among you. We care for the elderly, we work in treatment centers, with troubled youth, in prisons, with the homeless, and we may even be working in the next cubicle.

Our tokens and tags are in our purses and wallets, and we smile easily and use words like gratitude and humility frequently.

We, who were once the lowest of the low, are now the highest of the high, without drugs, all because of the greatest spiritual principle of all, love. 

     Please know, if you or someone you love are out there suffering from an addiction, there are millions of recovering people right now with prayers in their loving hearts that you find the love that we have found and that you discover the solution. 



Rachel Trimble is a friend, a mother, a woman, and a lover all because she has been set free from the chains of addiction through recovery and love. Follower Rachel on Twitter @racheltrm


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