Father's Day and Beyond: Honor the Fathers...

By Yanni Brown

This Sunday we will honor and celebrate Father’s Day.  Many will send mass text messages, give thousands of cards, ties, smell goods and more.  For others the day will go on as if nothing is different. There may even be a few shout outs to single moms wishing them a “Happy Father’s Day.”

This is not your regular Yanni Brown feel good blog; in fact I may piss a few people off. Father’s day is in fact a time where we should honor and celebrate Fathers. Instead the day has become a mockery to some. While we may be single mothers, as women we will never be Fathers to our children. (This is not a to take away from anyone that is doing a great job parenting)  No matter how good, no good, good for something, may be good for nothing you think that he is; he is still in fact a father. Someone, that at some point and time you chose to bear children with. So rather than put him down, throw him out with the bath water, remind his children everyday what he is not, or just how horrible of a father he is honor him for the Father that he is.  Honor your father, the father of your children or the man who is being the father that many may not be or can be. What I’m asking you to do as a woman is to set aside your differences, ill feelings and negative thoughts and for just a moment change your mindset and create a space for a “Happy Father’s Day”




Father’s WE NEED YOU! Regardless if you are married, a couple or co-parenting WE need you! We need for you to step in and BE the fathers that our children need. Whether we are getting along or not, WE need you! WE need for you to be ACTIVELY involved. So what the child was unplanned, you feel entrapped because you “didn’t ask to be a father;” or even if we say we can’t stand you, WE still need you! Our children need you, even if we are too stubborn to say it.

WE need you! WE need for you to show our daughters what a man is, and how he should treat your daughter. WE need you to be the men that our young men will grow up and be, so that they will know how to treat a woman and someday marry.

WE need for our Fathers to take the time to spend the time because at the end of the day, our children don’t care how much money you have or don’t have; they just want your time.


Please know that this day was ultimately created for you. Our Fathers, no matter what WE NEED YOU! WE NEED YOUR TIME! WE NEED YOUR PRESENCE! That’s the best present of all!

Wishing the Fathers “Happy Father’s Day.”

Yanni Brown, ChiCity born, Certified Relationship Educator and if you asked “What’s Love Got to Do With It” I’d answer without hesitation “Absolutely Everything.”
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