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Relationships: 3 Things to Know Before Becoming Facebook Friends

By Sarah Gooding, Guest Blogger You’ve had your first date and you can’t get him off your mind. What is the next logical step after a great date? The Facebook Friend Request. You’ve likely already exhausted all of his public photos. Now you want more. What was he doing last weekend? Do his friends look... Read more »

Film Review: The Conjuring

Film Review: The Conjuring
Thrillist Screens The Conjuring By Zondra Hughes Thrillist Chicago (Twitter: @ThrillistChi) screened The Conjuring recently at the posh Icon Theatres in Chicago’s loop. The sneak preview created the ultimate film interactive experience by offering digital photos (that superimposes the creepy ghost image behind you) and a real noose; add the open bar and a top... Read more »

Love Can Save an Addict

Love Can Save an Addict
We host a love tweet chat every Wednesday (#SBCCHAT) at noon, and for the past few weeks, one of our Tweeps would dive right in and Tweet her views on love, trust and honesty. In 140 characters or less, Rachel had me mesmerized with her authenticity, and her clarity on her situation, and most importantly,... Read more »

Cash or Character—What Do Women Value Most?

  By Liz Lampkin   A few days ago while browsing on Twitter, I stumbled across a young man’s page, where he posed a question to women: “Ladies would you date a man who worked at McDonald’s?”  Some responses were, “Absolutely not,” “Only if he owned it,” and my personal favorite “If it was his... Read more »

You're Cute...for a Dark Skinned Girl

By A Comeaux Oh the great dark v light debate. Ever had a feat in front of you and didn’t know where to begin? I’m here. Dangling on the precipice of self-love as a sun kissed brown chick and the ever present realization that I seldom if possible see a positive reflection of myself in... Read more »

I love Pot! But I HATE Weed!

By Nicole Harding Pots! Pots! OMG! I love pots, and I sure hate WEEDS!!!  And I see what a missing letter can do to your message! Lol If you are anything like me, then you get a natural high from driving up to your home and seeing a nice crisp entrance. Not too busy but... Read more »

Sensual Summer Oils: The Sexy 7

By Yanni Brown It’s official Summer is here! Why not make this a Sensual Summer with some sexy, good for you and good to you essential oils? Essential oils have many uses and benefits for our health and overall well-being. Such essential oils have the ability to soothe and relax us mind, body and soul,... Read more »

Six Flags igNIGHT show rocks

Me on the merry-go-round!
by Dawgelene “Dr Dawj” Sangster– I recently attended a girl’s evening out at Six Flag’s in Illinois! I had not attended the theme park in about 10 years and was somewhat excited to see this new igNIGHT show everyone was raving about. I am not a big fan of the rides because I usually get... Read more »

Three Ways to Become C.E.O. of your LIFE

By Dawniel Winningham Let’s just face it. You are what you call yourself. You are what you believe yourself to be. Me, personally, as a single mother of three teens, for a long time I called myself just that. But somehow being JUST a single mom didn’t resonate with how important my job really is.... Read more »

Sex Survey for Married Men: 10 Things We Want to Know

Married, engaged, and otherwise committed men, we want you to speak your mind about sex. National Orgasm Week is more than a month away, but as your hosts for the Explorgasm Women’s Health Initiative, it is our job to start the conversation about achieving healthy, mutually fulfilling relationships.  And guys, we need your help. Please... Read more »