The 5 Power Smiles: Do it now!

The 5 Power Smiles: Do it now!
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By Dr. Dawj

Smiles matter.

When I was a girl, I enjoyed playtime with my sister, who was a special needs child.

Many didn’t–and still don’t–understand what it takes to really embrace and live with someone with special needs. We often had to deal with people making fun of us because she had special needs and would burst into laughter at just about anything, chew loudly or have an outburst.

I learned to live with it and found myself defending my sister who was years my senior, yet had the mind of a child. She gave the best hugs and would often reach to grab people and hug them unexpectedly. Needless to say, many were shocked and often rejected her, when all she wanted to do was show love.

One of my sister’s greatest features was her smile. It was bright, wide and often included a red tongue from her drinking so much red juice, kool-aid or eating cherry-flavored Now and Later candy. She would laugh at just about anything, anywhere and for no reason at all.

I sometimes wondered what she found so funny or why she found reasons to smile. I didn’t understand that as a child but now I do.

In my ripe old age of, “wouldn’t you like to know?” I have learned that my smile is everything to me. It is the crux of how I handle situations regardless of how challenging they may be at times.

I learned to smile through the good, the bad and the ugly situations in life because I choose to and because my heart smiles. It took a lot for me to get here and I don’t apologize for choosing to smile, even when situations may not be the “smiling” type. The saying, “We are what we eat,” I believe works even when it comes to our smiles. Not every day will be sunny because life happens, but you can make the sun shine from within and choose to exhibit a smile on the outside.

The choice is all yours and no one can control that part of you but you.

People will come and go in your life, changes will always occur and some things won’t feel so good when life happens. What you must embrace is that you have the power to control it all in how you handle it. Even in the midst of handling it, you can choose to smile.

Your smile empowers you in five key ways, notes Dr. Dawj. Photo: ImageryMajestic

Your smile empowers you in five key ways, notes Dr. Dawj. Photo: ImageryMajestic

5 Ways that Your Smile Empowers You:

  1. Smile because you can, because it matters and because it’s from your heart.

  2. Smile because no one can take that away from you unless you allow it!

  3. Smile because it shows the power of your voice.

  4. Smile because it shows others that regardless of what challenges arise, they can find joy.

  5. Smile because it’s authentically you.


Dr Dawj

Dr Dawj


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