Stop Dreaming and Go Get It. Now.

Stop Dreaming and Go Get It. Now.
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By A Comeaux

Some may call these times trying while others deem them as the last of our glorious days. I’m no science scholar, meteorologist or religion guru but I know this much for sure; if there ever was a time to live your purpose its Now!!

Looking at the gory tragedies that have untimely taken innocent lives in middle schools and movie theatres to relentless weather outraged taking cities and souls in blinks of eyes, I can’t help but wonder ‘what’s it all for…?’

We rush by with the hustle and bustle of life but how many of us are smelling the flowers?

How many of us call friends and mentors to say, ‘I’m thinking of you and hoping you’re well’…?

The only time we purchase flowers are for funerals and I’m telling you all now I want mine while I can make potpourri.

I’m working on being a better daughter, a better mother and a better friend.

I’m working on being a better human to the land I rely on for food, water and substance.

I’m learning, better yet, I’m teaching myself to care more. I’ve even come to terms with asking for forgiveness and being more willing to forgive.

Notice I haven’t mentioned money.

Society is shaped around us needing it for survival, but we can only thrive by the relationships that enrich us. The love we allow to flow thru our eyes, the compassion in our smile and the hands we offer to help others are the true elements of the fittest.

If you have a dream, pick the biggest one your mind can’t wrap around, and go for it!

Be purposeful in your days.

Be mindful with your energy and use what you have to help. I think of my own wallet when I say this and I know the time I’ve offered to help has made more impact than a donation could have ever manifested.

Hug someone. Nurture a child. Mentor a teen. Give clothes to a woman in need. There are things we can do to heal each other, things we can do to inspire and enrich lives around us that will ultimately heal and inspire us as well.

Sitting on my couch thinking of my list of bills, obligations and desires yet fulfilled, I got downright depressed. Since our thoughts are powerful, I changed my mind. I wrote a list of cool things I’m good at and made a personal vow to do more to feed my spirit good food.

The universe is obedient. Command your life to become what and where you want. This now we live in seems like a daunting one on a good day, emotionally debilitating on others. These are the very moments pushing me to live the fullest life I’ve been granted.

Today is the best shot you have. Give it your all.

Tweet me some of your tips to get by and I’ll share mine…

Be well

A Comeaux

A Comeaux

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