Listen Up… Grown Men Are Talking!

By Yanni Brown

This morning I woke up wondering, doubting and thinking about love. The love that we sometimes give, take for granted, share, receive, lose or even bury because quite frankly sometimes the residue of love hurts. I’m often asked “What’s Love Got to Do With It?” We live in a world of givers and takers where love is in a state of chaos, often misunderstood and suffering from malnutrition.  Through it all, the good, the bad and even the ugly, I still find myself saying without hesitation “ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING”.

My most recent love moment occurred in the company of a group of men. These were grown men, discussing grown up business. These men were intimately discussing matters of the heart. They were single, engaged and married men who openly shared some thought provoking conversation that made every woman in the room stop and think. I’ve been the host of an event called “Intimate Discussions” (A monthly, live, co-ed adult conversation) for quite some time but what we gained from this group of grown men talking was simply priceless. While I will admit that it was one of those conversations where you had to be there to fully benefit from the experience. I would not be the educator that I am if I didn’t share with you at least some of the mesmerizing conversation that was shared with me:

  • Men are attracted to the essence of women. Her being that she carries with her when no one is watching.
  • Men will share with you how much they love you the way that they know how. WE as women have to be open to receive how he shows it.
  • Men are not emotional but they are functional and practical. They will love you the way that they know how based on those parameters.
  • Women you have more power than you realize. It is seen by simply BEING the best that you can be as a woman and a real man will recognize that in you and act accordingly.

It was an enlightening inside conversation with men, what they think and how they FEEL.  There was more that was shared but as I said you had to be there. There is nothing like grown men talking!




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