The 5 WOW Experiences You Should Know

The 5 WOW Experiences You Should Know
You know the WOW of love, there are four more you should know, writes SBC Correspondent Lydia Katherine. Photo: © Felixcasio | Dreamstime Stock Photos

By Lydia Katherine

Remember that WOW feeling; the bliss of first dates and lasting impressions of what was seemingly meant to be?

Those WOW moments coiled around your heart because you weren’t afraid of the rapture.

1. WOW. The temperature of lust was insatiable.

Heat is a sensation which soothes or brings pain. The heat which pumped through your body when he was in your presence was far more than a light switch in the ‘on’ position. It was rawer, more of a hunger for the kisses from the lips, spoken words of adoration would always ignite the emotions over evenings and into mornings with that man.


So then the days of sport outings and rooftops and candlelit dining and the variety of quality time, growing and knowing time, was all but a logistical factor remaining until interest was exhausted and selfishness was embossed on the mind of that man.

So now the heat which hosts your body is that of rage and fury.

The heat of the moment is no longer kisses. Pain captures your thoughts and holds happiness hostage while you wonder if you can ever have that WOW feeling again.

You most definitely will experience the WOW again.

This time around, the WOW will come in a more refreshing form.

2. You will experience WOW when you gain knowledge from a Woman Of Wisdom; typically your mom or sister or best friend who has valuable relationship advice brought forth by her own situations.

3. The following WOW is a personal favorite: Become A Woman Of World. Expand your horizons. During this dating intermission, go to a ballet or take painting classes or learn another language. Take time and become worldly, you might learn something new about yourself that will stir great conversations with your next honey.

4. The next WOW is to become a Woman Of Words. A woman who speaks her mind always and absolutely never holds back. Perhaps you allowed your last lover too much authority and ultimately he made the final decision to end your relations.

5. Last but not least, always be a Woman of Worship. Be a woman of good faith. Be patient. Believe and always know God first. There is no relationship more important.

These are just a few tips on how to WOW yourself between relationships.

Live Love Laugh and Eat Chocolate Cake!


Lydia Katherine

Lydia Katherine

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