Spring Rush! Join the New Sorority: Me Phi Me

Spring Rush! Join the New Sorority: Me Phi Me
Spring Rush! New sorority, Me Phi Me by Dawniel Winningham. Photo: © Imagerymajestic | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images

By Dawniel Winningham

As we kick off the spring season I decided it was time for me to make a change.  I joined a new sorority. It may not be one you have heard of before. This one is called Me Phi Me.

Many of us currently don’t belong to this soror group. By us, I mean women. The very definition of a woman is to take care of everyone else BEFORE you take care of yourself. But can we REALLY take care of others if we are not taking care of ourselves?

Let me tell you how this revelation became reality for me. Just this week I was bitten by one of the worst flu bugs I have ever encountered. It left me flat on my back and unable to do a great deal of the things I normally do for myself and others. I am sure that the reason it hit me so hard has a lot to do with how hard I work; not just to sustain my family, my full time job, and my quickly growing business, but also EVERYTHING and EVERYONE else around me. For years I have put everyone and everything else ahead of what is important to me. (One of the reasons I am overweight, but I will save THAT story for later)

Are you ready to join Me Phi Me? Photo: © Imagerymajestic | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images

Are you ready to join Me Phi Me? Photo: © Imagerymajestic | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images

I realized through my medically induced haze that this could not continue.

Therefore I made this pledge of self-love. If you would like to join team Me Phi Me, I encourage you to make this pledge as well! YOUR Mind, Body, and Spirit will thank you!

  1. I pledge to take my vitamins and eat healthy every day. I cannot take care of others if I, myself am not well.

  2. I promise to drink my water and stay hydrated. My body is made mostly of water and can function at its best when it is saturated.

  3. I will sleep as sleep restores my mind, body, and spirit. Whatever I am doing will wait on me until I am rested.

  4. I will make time for exercise. Exercise strengthens my body and allows me to carry so much on my back.

  5. I promise to spend time in meditation as it rests my mind. My mind is the lifeblood of all of the things I create and needs its own dedicated rest in order to fuel my continued creativity.

  6. I pledge to Read, Pray, and Worship in order to feed my spirit. My spirit is the source of all things good.

Some of these things may seem easy. I will tell you as a self-professed workaholic these things are a stretch for me. However, I would rather STRETCH to make these happen, as opposed to ending up STRETCHED out in the hospital with no one to blame but myself.

I am asking you to join me. Even if you don’t this is something that I must do to ensure my longevity and therefore giving my family the gift of me for a few more years. This life is precious; take care of it, appreciate it, and LOVE YOURSELF!

PS. If you catch me slipping, call me out. I would do the same for you!

Love Dee,

Your Me Phi Me Soror

Dawniel Winningham


Dawniel Patterson Winningham is the author of  six self help books for women including the recently released Design YOUR Man which will celebrate its national launch on April 17th! Save the DATE and Get your copy on Amazon.com.  Dawniel is also a Master Life and Business Coach and critically acclaimed Motivational Speaker.  You can learn MORE about her and her upcoming women’s LIFE University, Million Dollar U at www.yourgirpower.com.


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  • This what I so needed to hear. You're awesome and amazing. All your advise is right on time. I'm sharing this blog with the world!!!

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    Girl we ALL need that...we run HARD and FAST and it takes a toll on us! WE must take time to replenish and to renew! XOXOX

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