He Says She Says: Photos!

Photos from yesterday’s awesome panel.

Photos by Kris Williams.


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    I am a single women raised twins by myself, they are grown and one has been marrie 18yrs. the other 11yrs. It feels like they have forgotten all about me. their mates both run the show and I just dont even know who they are. What would you do? I am 62yrs old. Even the President acknowledge his mother-law. Were did they lose themselves?

  • Greetings Gwen,

    Our community of readers have shared some awesome insights with you. Here's one from Teresa Jemine: "It is difficult we raise our children to be independent and sometimes they forget us. I would just express to them how I feel and let them know you would like to be apart of their family unit, have them set aside a day for you. They are so blessed to still have you here. I wish my parents were here everyday. Pray for God to restore be blessed."
    You can find more responses on Facebook page: www.Facebook.com/SixBrownChicks

    Please keep us posted, and good luck!

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