When Your Man Has Another Plan

When Your Man Has Another Plan
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By A Comeaux

Let me set a scene for you complete with a theme song and national headline. We’ll chat today! This blog will be the precipice of my peeking over the ledge of reality TV to reality…

*cues music: You, Me & She… what we gonna do, baby?

I toggled how to open this topic but there really isn’t an easy route down “lonely-lane”… What do you do, when your man has another plan…?

Recently, we’ve witnessed women sitting in luxury’s lap only to be told to stand up, collect your things and figure it out on their own WITHOUT the cash that kept them there! (Ouch)

Now for those of you who’ve been with me since our run at WCIU, there’s an infamous webisode and blog where I declare I wanted to be Upgraded! *cues King Bey & Jay-Z

I wrote it. We discussed it on the show and I stand by this. Hear me, someone upgrading your life should not in any shape or form be the nucleus of your wealth and wellbeing! An upgrade starts from somewhere, hence, ‘up’ of the grade…! We have a woman boasting to have a picture perfect life, married to an ex-football star and didn’t lift a broom the first year of marriage. Nice. *side eye

Yet this very woman was “blindsided” by her glorious ‘king of the castle’ husband over the weekend with divorce papers. Now get this, she not only found out via the very media she flashes her pseudo prosperity, but these venomous papers include no clause for alimony or the division of assets! *clutches pearls

Now this is just wrong! Right? Or is this only right, legally speaking? Hold on to that as we take it to a whole new level of WTH?!?

On our beloved east coast, we have a damsel in distress over her rap star boyfriend still loving his ex-girlfriend. *gasp

When he confessed his love for the other (first) woman, the damsel pleads, ‘when you met me I had nothing, nowhere to live, no money no nothing…’ *church-lady faint

Chicks, this is NOT the upgrade I had in mind!

We as strong, beautiful, intelligent, powerful women need to OWN that stance in all relationships! When approached with the chance to improve your quality of life, don’t be a sitting duck! Make sure you are protected. Make sure your name is on the mortgage, the lease, hell, at least the garage!

Reality TV may be the oxymoron of our generation, but there lessons to be learned here.

If all you have is the money that someone else shares with you, then, well, you have no money at all.

There are many women in this very situation. We may poke fun when the high and mighty fall (at least privately) but we have to understand relying on other people’s money can backfire, and that can affect the rich and infamous and the woman sticking around just for rent and groceries.

When he leaves, with his coins in tow, then what will you do?

Tweet me, chime in, let’s converse… I’d really like to know what happens your boo has a plan that doesn’t include you.


A Comeaux

A Comeaux

A Comeaux

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