Outcomes of road trip to Dream B.I.G



By Dawgelene “Dr Dawj” Sangster- When my husband was alive, we always talked about taking a road trip but I don’t like riding down the road. When he became ill, I decided to take a short road trip when we attended our son’s graduation from Basic Training in the winter of 2012. We drove for 1.5 hours each way from the airport to the graduation.  It was rainy and he fussed at me about driving too fast the WHOLE time, but I embraced that time with him and will cherish it because it was our last road trip together before his death.  Since that time, I refused to take any sort of road trip…until recently.


I recently traveled to the University of Arkansas with the Six Brown Chicks to spend several days empowering 50 young women. I was excited to empower the girls and really looked forward to spending time with them. What I did not expect was the initial 4-hour drive to the campgrounds, getting carsick from fumes I smelled on the shuttle, having an AHA moment about my hubby and not wanting to leave because I was having an amazing time with the girls!


Aside from the sick car ride and stinky fumes, I had such an amazing time of reflection, fun and healing. Those girls were absolutely amazing and showered ME with love, support and laughter. I laughed until my stomach hurt; we danced and played until I went and passed out…literally; and I had amazing moments of reflection about my husband and seeing beauty through the lenses of his canon 7D.


It was a journey that was much needed to continue along my path of healing since my husband’s death. As I reflect on the outcomes of the trip, I realize the following:


  • Life is what you make it and only YOU can determine your level of healing and happiness

  • Anyone from anywhere can help with your healing…you just have to embrace it

  • Stepping outside of our comfort zone can bring forth an abundant amount of blessings…we just have to see them as blessings and embrace them

  • We must OWN our healing, laughter, joy and not allow anyone to determine what that looks like for US

  • It is OK to share a part of you with someone else to help them heal and smile

  • It is OK to cry but remember to smile afterwards

  • Riding in a car with six women can be detrimental to your health, but love them anyway!!! (j/k…the chicks know I had to add this point because I would not be me if I didn’t!)


I look forward to seeing what’s next for those amazing girls I met at the camp! Check out some pictures below from my time on the trip.


Be Fabulous!!!

Think. Live. Inspire!

Dawgelene “Dr Dawj” Sangster



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