Why SHE Inspires ME

Why SHE Inspires ME


By Yanni Brown


There is inspiration everywhere… You just have to be open to receiving it!

These last few months I’ve been inspired and motivated by Dawgelene (Dr. Dawj) Sangster.

I don’t even think that she’s aware of just how much of an inspiration she is. What I find remarkable about her is that she just does it without question or even thinking about it. As her fellow chick and friend I will say that I imagine that these last couple of years have not been easy for her. I’m merely on the outside looking in, but when I tell you that this amazing woman wakes up everyday to relentlessly hit the ground running. That’s what she does! She’s building her brand while life is happening to her and all around her, but yet it doesn’t stop her.

Dawj has found a way to carry on the memory of her husband by seeing life through his lenses.


Keeping herself busy enough to stay busy, yet focused more now than ever on what really matters, what’s important and doing the work. Dr. Dawj is an example of what a virtuous woman should look like and act like.I’m sure that she has her days, as we all do, but you’d never know it by looking at that smile that can light up a room. I was honored to watch her in action at the “DREAM BIG” retreat in Arkansas.

She wasn’t feeling well but when the lights came on and it was time to be on… She was just that “ON”.


In her element of uplifting, encouraging and doing her rock star pose. Not because she’s pretending, wanting to be seen or be someone else to please someone else because someone else expects her too! NO it’s just Dawj being Dawj. While watching her I couldn’t help but think, many are called and even fewer are chosen but this woman not only answered the call but is out there doing IT!

Thank you Dawj for answering the midnight calls, late night text messages and the much needed hugs. Those were great but they are nothing like seeing you in your element doing what I believe that you were called to do. I know that when you are called it is not without opposition, pretenders and those that will do just about anything not to see you grow but like she once told me. “Baby girl you’ve got to keep moving because you’ve got work to do and people will be just that “People” and they have no hold on you.”


Thank you Dawgelene Sangster for BEING a friend, mentor, someone who will tell me the truth and a woman who is on a mission to live your life on purpose.

I just wanted you to know that you inspire me!
LOOK AROUND… Who and What INSPIRES YOU? Tell us about HER!
Yolanda "Yanni" Brown

Yolanda “Yanni” Brown

 Yanni Brown



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  • SPEECHLESS!!!! (drops mic)

  • Great article Yanni!!! Dawj is an inspiration to me as well! I met her for the first time almost 3 years ago at an event I was hosting. As we talked she told me her testimony and I noticed how transparent & humble she was. I enjoyed our conversation so much that I was almost late to the podium! But, over the years she has proved to be a genuine & caring woman and friend who strives to encourage and empower women & girls! Although she's has experienced some difficult things in her life, in the midst of her pain she still tries to say or do something to help someone else. What a blessing she is, just like my mother & sisters, who also inspire me! :-)

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