10 things I learned from Dream B.I.G.

10 things I learned from Dream B.I.G.
By A Comeaux
When I received the call that Six Brown Chicks were invited to speak at Dream B.I.G in Arkansas, I thought, cool! Yes, I’m a writer. Yes, I speak well publicly. Yes, my heart is to serve youth, especially girls, the focal group of this program. It seemed, like a perfect fit.
I knew not what I was in for. In all the honesty I promised I’d write with, my real life at this very moment is under great strain. I’ve never been so close to failure and success at the same time! But I’m here. To serve. And that’s what I did. In doing so, I was fed lessons I’ll hold close long after my flight leaves. I have pictures. I have notes. I have hugs that nourished my aching heart.

Amidst this love fest, I made a list of what I’ve learned. As promised, the universe teaches lessons through the experience. Well taught! Here’s to you, Arkansas!

1. Be present. Oftentimes, we ‘show up’ but our minds, hearts, focus may be elsewhere. This trip taught me a new level of being where I am at that moment to serve that purpose.
2. Children are hurting. We, as adults, must help them. Listen. Protect them. Love. Hug them more. Rescue them.
3. There is humility in a breeze. There is strength in rain. There is clarity in fog and beauty in tears. In the horizon, there is hope. These all need to be embraced, respectively.
4. Listen. With your eyes, hear cries for help. And with a smile, offer comfort. I learned this in a crowded room that I couldn’t reach each one. But we communicated. I heard you. I’m listening.
5. When called to do the work, the service, is not for you… Until its done. That’s when you feel it. I know what my purpose is. I learned others know it too.
6. It’s okay to not be okay. But we must be willing. To try. To heal. To go. And reach for others too weak to crawl out.
7. We are as powerful as God said we are. We can soothe soul wounds. We can empower the weary. We can encourage the forgotten, even when it’s our reflection.
8. The fire in my soul is not for me, but a light to show others from darkness. Of heart, mind and circumstance, this is for them. In turn, I’ll make it out too.
9. There is pure beauty in the simplest of things. Take time to see nature. To see change, as we do daily, so does earth. Watch it. Relish it’s transparency.
10. Don’t ask why. Why me? Why us? Why now? Know that stars are aligned, moments are already calculated and time isn’t ours to understand. We simply must do as we’re called.
My life awaits. Transition and opposition are on my heels. I fear not. I dare not worry. This trip taught me that I have a lot more today, than I stand to lose tomorrow. That the very hope I see in the eyes of the heavy hearted, recognized my weight as well. And as sure as I made it this far, they will as well. Especially if I have anything to do with it.
Thank you. I need you. I’m here. and I’m listening…
A Comeaux

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