Don’t Believe the Hype of a Facebook Status

Don’t Believe the Hype of a Facebook Status

Some of us have become so disconnected that we often live vicariously through our social media pages and that of others. We assume that because their status is good, so are they! Professionally speaking my job and facebook page is used to promote and uplift positive messages throughout the day and encourage others. So quite naturally people look at my Facebook page, Tweets and other social media outlets and may think all is well or wow she has it all together or she’s on top of the world. Well don’t believe the hype!


I go through ups and downs just like everyone else. I just learned the lesson from my mother that people only know your business when you tell it and everything ain’t for everyone. Please know and understand that there are truly days that I don’t want to encourage simply because I need to be encouraged. There are days that I don’t want to uplift because I need to be lifted. But I also understand that it’s not always about me and what I want and that I have a job to do that has purpose and meaning.


I guess what I’m saying in this blog is that sometimes it is important to pick up the phone and check in with your family, loved ones and  friends. DON’T assume or take for granted that their social media post is a substitute for real face to face time or a phone call to check in and I mean really check in to see how someone is really doing. Unfortunately some of us have become so desensitize with real quality face to face time that we are becoming more and more disconnected with each other. Nothing replaces a hug other than a real hug. Sometimes a cyber hug just won’t do! There are times where we may need to really laugh out loud or see your smiley face.In 2013, try to be more proactive in the lives of those that you say that you say that you care about. Pick up the phone from time to time, check in on them. Go out to lunch! See how that person is really doing. Look into their eyes. Get a feel for them. You may even want to ask “Do you need anything” “What’s going on in your world” and mean it. This is a very trying time for many people. People are suffering the loss of loved ones, jobs and some people are even losing their minds. Be available to disconnect in order to reconnect. WE NEED EACH OTHER period. There is no amount of text messaging, instant message, skype or facebook that can replace human touch!  Reach out! Reach out and touch someone!


Yanni Brown


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