Friends With Benefits

Friends With Benefits

by Yanni Brown

When you think about spending the rest of your life with someone you would hope that you are looking to marry your friend! Marry that special someone who loves you. Someone who knows you, your strengths, weaknesses, what makes you smile and can be there as a great support system. Someone you want to build with, grow with, have a family with and create a legacy with. To me that’s the real benefit. “Friends with Benefits”

Marriage over the years has taken some major blows. With the high divorce rates, the ugliness of divorce being played out in the media and with hearing all of the negative comments about marriage it’s no wonder that people are running from marriage as if it were a plague of some sort.

After watching “Friends with Benefits” multiple times I decided to flip it a little bit. I mean why not! Having a healthy marriage is like having a great friend with Benefits. Marriage should be seen as the benefit between two people who love each other, a covenant between two people who plan to spend the rest of their lives building twogether.

I’d like to think of “Friends with Benefits” as couples creating a solid foundation on friendship and then building a home decorated with love, furnished with support and commitment, accented with great communication and understanding, scented with spontaneity and spice. These beautiful relationships can be shared with other couples to serve as support systems, examples and even models of what good loving looks like.

Certainly there are many other benefits to marriage other than friendship. A healthy marriage is great for family and friends. Studies have been done and there is documentation to back it up. Yes we’ve heard that being married improves health, increases wealth, it is said that children fair better in school, marriage is great for the economy. However nothing works better than word of mouth. If you are married to your friend and you are enjoying the benefits let’s create a BUZZ by Making Love Better TwoGether and sharing how married couples are reaping “Friends with Benefits”


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    I like your take on friends with benefits and the positive energy that you bring about marriage. I just finished writing and posting my take on marriage as well called The Marriage Tour. It is nice to know marriage is not dead, regardless to what people may say.

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