Bishop Trotter's Instagram Insanity

Bishop Trotter's Instagram Insanity
Bishop Larry Trotter takes a bath with his granddaughter and it is posted on Instagram.

By Zondra Hughes

A picture is worth 1,000 words; so what is the commentary here?

Bishop Larry Trotter of Sweet Holy Spirit Church is a dominant force in the religious community and has touched the lives of many. Bishop Trotter explained in a radio interview that he was bathing when his granddaughter happened upon him and asked if she could get in the tub as well. The little girl who was visiting with her parents put on swim trunks and then entered the tub.  Bishop Trotter says that the girl’s mother took the photo and that another family member uploaded it to Instagram.

Hours later, the collective response to the photo (at least on Facebook and Twitter) was: WHAT. THE. HELL.

Jezebel’s Laura Beck says the swim trunks scenario is problematic.

“A few points jump out at me: do they make swim trunks for little girls? And since Instagram is a phone app, how many people would’ve had access to the Bishop’s phone?”

I am befuddled by the photo to put it mildly. Clearly Bishop Trotter posed for the photo, so that may mean that taking a bath with his grandchild isn’t anything that should be frowned upon in his eyes.

I am equally befuddled by the motives of the person who posted the photo on Instagram. Is there a reason why this private family moment must be shared with the world? Is there a reason why a man of the cloth with a flock of 8,000 should have a topless bathtub picture with his topless four-year-old granddaughter floating around in cyberspace?

Are you shocked by the outrage and scorn that has been thrown toward your family member, or are you basking in this Instagram character assassination?

Where I’m from, men don’t bathe with little girls for all the horrific reasons that so many have cited on various social media platforms. So I guess that the motive behind releasing the photo on Instagram was to implicate a wrongdoing.

IF that is the case, next time, if you are trying to tell the world something, pick up the phone and call the Department of Children and Family Services.

Do not throw a little girl’s privacy out with the bathwater.

Not cool.











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