A Dedication for "Mrs. Daddy"

A Dedication for "Mrs. Daddy"

By A Comeaux

This isn’t my rendition of the beloved Single Ladies anthem, nor is it a bash to an absent father.

This, my friends, is an acknowledgment of my allegiance to those that nurture as well as discipline.


By default.

It’s been noted that a large number of our children weren’t planned pregnancies; that they were mere occurrences in relationships or random relations.

The kids were the fateful outcome.

Most times, preparations weren’t made financially and obviously emotionally due to this not being a provisioned partnership.

Here’s the thing: we, mothers, must use more than just conception protection. We must guard our bodies with gumption as we approach the potential lover!

While I can’t speak for the masses, I’ve had enough conversations with the head of broken households to draw a formidable conclusion: We mother naturally and by default we father as well. Most of us didn’t sign up to be intentional single mothers. We’re not in Hollywood. We don’t have million at our fingers tips with cultured nannies to assist.
We don’t have the chance to marry the coveted seed donors because we didn’t make time to weigh the risks.

We got pregnant. We had the baby. We play more roles than Eddie Murphy’s  Meet the Klumps movie!

Selflessly, with all we have, we give love and hugs to children who no more asked to be here than we asked to be a father in his absence.

I just want you to know, Mrs. Daddy, that your tireless nights, earlier mornings and full days aren’t in vain.

I want you to know that not only are you not alone, but you’re supported and so many are proud of you.

You’re thought of and you are highly regarded. I know it’s not easy but it’s so worth it.
No matter the conditions on how you became a mother, or the situation that lead you to fathering, learn from it and grow.

It’s not in vain. and it’s better than okay…

I’m A Comeaux, mother first and daddy by default, and I dedicate this to you.

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