'She's too Pretty to be Gay!' Too this and too that...

'She's too Pretty to be Gay!' Too this and too that...

By A Comeaux

Oh hell when K feels compelled…’ was the unanimous rant that raced across the room.

Me, baffled, yet my evil grin gave me the perfect amount of innocence my latest feat ever so needed…

While out with an eclectic ensemble of girls of various preferences, someone made the utter mistake of whispering too low, (lower the whisper equals my heightened peak)…

“She’s too pretty to be gay…”


And no fighter I am, but this was my set off queue my quee to set it off..!

With enticing eyes men lay on a girl right before he devours her, I zeroed-in on the perpetrator. And with that strut I do to make the low self-esteemed feel like curb deco’… I glided across the room to this average faced; medium built; lowly-dressed female who’s faced was laced in as much flattery as it was embarrassment.

‘Yeah it’s tight on ya ass now’ my body said.

With honey in my tone and a genuine smile. I asked her to repeat.

Repeat what?

I repeated it for her. Her face flushed. Appetizing an apology… (tbc) add this to #awkward moments produced by yours truly.

(Following the instruction of my Chief Chick, Z, I didn’t go to jail!!)

But I am disturbed. We have so many perplexities in our community. So many secrets. So many insecurities and fears of acceptance.

When in the ‘reality TV’ world we’re the very meat on the grill of objectification! No holds barred. Tell it like it is. Keep it 100!

I digress; we’ll converse later on this…

When you tell a lesbian she’s too attractive to be ‘that way’ or when you boldly tell a man he’s too fine to be gay. You’re deducing their preference to merely looks. Vanity.

Furthermore, what does it say to the LGBT community when people are taught who’s too good to even be gay!!?? This is wrong and detrimental to us never being able to bridge our differences. We all want

What we all want. And it’s usually the same. Love.

Can’t put your book cover on another’s story…

Ladies, you say you want to be told if he’s on the DL, but what premise do you set? Club? “drinks” at ‘his place’…? Oh. I know. A text. C’MON!!

The very cage you wish “they” were segregated in is the very cage that is their abode.

We can’t make sexuality about looks. Period.

It’s disrespectful to all parties involved to hear not only the original opposition but the additional slander too…? Not cool.

If the issue is the preference, deal with that and let it be defended. But adding that a man is a ‘waste of good looks’ because he’s gay is dangerous. It implies ‘I’m not good enough’… It implies ‘You’re STILL not good enough’… These implications are expressed when one small-minded person decided who was cute enough (or not) to be queer.

And it’s been an issue since!

It leaves the same taste of disdain if someone were to tell a happily hetero-married couple, to the wife, you’re too sexy to be taken…!

Yes, it’s the same.

As a culture, there are enough things we sweep under the rug. If someone is comfortable enough to live their truth, take a second before you judge who should be doing what, and make sure yours measures up…

I’m A Comeaux and I approve this message.

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