You've Been Dumped! Now What?

You've Been Dumped! Now What?

By Six Brown Chicks Chicago Correspondent Lydia Katherine 

Break ups can seem like quicksand.

You feel…just… stuck, wondering how and why you didn’t see the cautionary signs which led up to this predicament.

The day after, you hear Whitney still singing, “didn’t we almost have it all..?”

It is true, you almost had it all, everything you desired in a partner. The sensational feeling of acceptance. You look back at every shared moment; holidays, weekdays, everydays, all the damn days that seemingly confirmed the security of your relationship.

Then Boom! The eclipse of your heart.

Not broken, but temporarily obscured.

So your body becomes the earth, cast into the shadow of the moon and temporarily unable to reflect the light of the sun.

So, where do tainted hearts go? Some scatter into the nightlife crowd, drowning their pains with alcohol and getting all Kendrick Lamar, swimming in a pool full of liquor…just diving right in…

But that’s not where you need to be. Position yourself for greater things. Dive into yourself.

Remember YOU? The self-starter? The goal-setting, speak it achieve it, resilient, motivated bright and wonderful you?

Re-introduce yourself to yourself. You might learn a few new things.

Build a daily checklist of activities and commitments, then discipline yourself to follow the new regiment.

It is so unfortunate when people become so engulfed in their sorrows and their entire life becomes stagnant.

Never allow anyone to take a piece of you when they exit; you are always whole.

Now, if you would like to put the fallen relationship into perspective you must savor the sweet and learn from the bitter. Prepare yourself for growth and the next opportunity will be fruitful.

You must grow and find strength in the lesson that people come into your life for various reasons and seasons. Many times we are presented with the right man or woman at the wrong time in our lives and the wrong man or woman at the right time in our lives, and  we must all remember that there will at least be a shared time and it will be on time.

There are a lot of moments in life and many relationships are just that; a moment.

Know and love yourself enough to allow this painful moment to be only a pause for reflection…

Live, Love, and Eat Chocolate Cake!

Lydia Katherine

Six Brown Chick Chicago correspondent Lydia is on Twitter @LKATon10 (Twitter). If you’re interested in sharing your stories from the front line as a correspondent, email Kristin


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