The Halle Berry Brawl

The Halle Berry Brawl

That beautiful face of Gabriel Aubrey, Halle Berry’s ex, is now bloodied, after an alleged brawl with Halle Berry’s future husband, Olivier Martinez.
Now in some sick fantasy that’s hidden deep in my brain, these are two hot guys going toe-to-toe over their woman.

Damn, what I would give to see that fight.
Shirts coming off, muscles flexing, shit-talking, that mano-a-mano heat that erases any scent of metrosexual man-prettiness that seems to run unchecked these days.

That hunky showdown, as I said, is a sick fantasy that resides in the back of my mind.
In the forefront of my mind is that this fight is nothing more than a pissing contest, so far removed from their love for Halle that it’s not even funny.

One man has Halle Berry’s child (Gabriel) and has a court order that prevents Halle from taking their child to Paris, to live with Olivier, the man who is about to have Halle hand in marriage. Due to the fight, Halle and Olivier now have an order of protection that forbids Gabriel from coming near Halle, Olivier and his own daughter Nahla.

This fight is not about Halle’s hand, per se, this fight is about ego–and it’s about to get uglier.

In my opinion everyone that’s supposed to be setting the example for this little girl (Nahla) is doing a horrible job.

They all need to grow up, move on and DO what is best for this little girl, who’s growing up and seeing all of this. It ain’t–yes I said ain’t–about them as adults, it’s about them as parents.

No Halle and Gabriel may not like each other, they may not agree on anything, but they do have a child together.

Get it together and BE what she needs (parents) and get along to get along for the sake of their daughter.


Damn!! it’s usually the ladies throwing ‘bows at family dinner! People have been shooting jabs at Halle for years… ‘she can’t keep a man, her “pie” must not be sweet and tales that she’s bat-crazy’ have plagued our perception…

This fight speaks volumes that her ex-beaux was far more than a fling.

Far more than a donor… that man LOVES him some Halle! damn the contract, the face and ALL! and the new guy, I feel for him. regardless of where dearest Halle’s heart and perfect body rests today, she shares a child with a man who’s willing to fight for her. and oh baby Nahla, she’s got two daddies while most kids looking for one!

This will unfold deliciously….
–A Comeaux

Your turn Chicks…what do you think of this?


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  • sorry must disagree ladies, the alledged rumble has nothing absolutely NOTHING to do with baby's daddy undying love for ms. berry.
    it has more to do with one upmanship, not wanting to be out done by the new man (for now) in his baby's life.
    if he really cared for his baby's mama, he would not want to disrupt her life, he would man-up for the sake of his child.

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