Preview: Can Iyanla Fix the Six Brown Chicks?

Preview: Can Iyanla Fix the Six Brown Chicks?
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The Six Brown Chicks ran off the rails smack dab in the middle of our ascent.

There were two kinds of destruction that weakened us, demise by fire (our blatant disrespect for the brand that weakened our credibility to the outside world), and demise by water, (the stealthy, frequent drops of dissent that rotted our foundation from the inside).

So, could Iyanla Fix this mess?

That’s what we wanted to find out.

The Six Brown Chicks will appear on a new episode of Iyanla: Fix My Life airs THIS Saturday, October 6 at 10pm EST/PST on OWN:Oprah Winfrey Network.

Here’s a preview:

The Six Brown Chicks are on Twitter: @SixBrownChicks


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    Hello Ladies, I watch the program on Sat Oct 6, and when I tell you I was in tears.. Whew! I can relate to all of you... espcially the young lady that lost her husband.. See I to have lost my husband of 30 years he passed away 6 years ago and I must admit I am still holding on... He was my friend, my lover,the father of our children and my husband... I learned something from the show... I love what I saw.. Keep up the good work ladies... I to want God to walk into my life and direct me in the right path... He sent Ms. Vanzant to you so you could see that you all belong togeather.. Cause when you are out here all alone... Its a bad feeling... when you have no where to turn or so the enemy makes you think that... Stay strong my Sister and be Blessed... Lorine S. Daniels

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    Blessings Ladies,

    What a messy situation that you collectively all had a play in the year long break of success of your Six Brown Chicks blog. However, I knew that, if anyone could respectfully and tactfully call everyone to the "carpet", it would be Iyanla Vanzant. I was so very honored to see your walls of hurt, insecurities, greed, control and unladylike behavior come crumbling down. I cried with you as I saw a little bit of me, in each and everyone of you. It was a humbling experience as a woman to see that we can accomplish successful endeavors together as "brown chicks". I wish you All, the success, prosperity and love for you continued respect for one another. Peace, Allie Johnson Elk Grove, CA

  • Hello to all brown chicks in this cold world. I'm Deldra Dynel Douglas from Memphis Tn. I regretfully only saw the last half hour of the show and I too cried because I see a lot of me in all the women on the show. I have never felt so all long in my life until now. I'm a two times divorced 41 year old woman. In every relationship I have had inline I have seem to distorted them all, not with just men but friends and my 17 year old daughter. Its a ton of things that I don't know in life and about life. I do know that I do not why to be controlling and aggressive. I have been called that by a lot of people. This is a cry for help please somebody. My daughter will be graduating from high school this May and I'm so afraid that the one person who loves me unconditionally I will lose to. The show give me some hope that maybe I too can get help before I lose my daughter. I am so glad and pride of you ladies on the show to even come up with this idea, maybe I can start a group her in the south Lord know we really need it. To all brown sister stay blessed and help one other.

    Deldra Douglas

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