Must See: Terrible Things Women Do to Each Other

Must See: Terrible Things Women Do to Each Other

The tragedy is the evil that women can do; the true crime is that we should know better.
In friendships, when a woman deems herself worthy of another woman’s lover, she commits acts of war in every way imaginable. Friendships that span decades collapse and crumble. Transformative memories are demoted to petty afterthoughts. Shared secrets reemerge as catty Facebook status updates and passive/aggressive Tweets.
And there’s no hell like being on the receiving end of a vicious comment because social media is forever.
At work, when a woman feels threatened by another woman’s advancement, she commits acts of career sabotage. She befriends only to betray. She poses as a mentor, but deceives before she breathes, and then gossips, backstabs, and blocks opportunities almost effortlessly.
Without behavior and attitude adjustment, mean girls become ruthless women, a league of Facebook superstars and Linked-In snobs that are enslaved by their own self-importance. Trust is non-existent; even the term ‘sister’ is a suspected segue to a setup–that gets the side-eye.
How can we grow? How can we nurture others? Or will we self-destruct completely?
Thanks to reality TV, the image of the ruthless woman is now celebrated all over the world. She redefines ambition in the worst way–Am-bitch-on–is more apropos.

Until tonight that is.

On Oprah’s Lifeclass tonight Iyanla Vanzant will address the Terrible Things Women Do to Each Other and it’s a must-see show. It airs on OWN at 9 EST/8 CST and also streams online. Join the conversation: #LifeClass.
This is Oprah’s  LifeClass ladies, so please be prepared to take notes. Also, join the @SixBrownChicks as we’ll be Tweeting about our experiences live during the event, #WatchLifeClassLive (yes, we’ve had to do some tough work within the group during our hiatus).

We’ll chat tonight fellow Chicks!


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