Take Me Back Tuesday...

Take Me Back Tuesday…

By: Yolanda “Yanni” Brown


Today we live in a time where we have access to everything, at the click of a mouse. In lightning speed you can search for a pot-roast recipe, or an address with directions to the nearest restaurant that serves pot-roast. We live in a time where the majority of our time is spent on our smartphones. We wake up and our face to face time has been replaced with checking our Facebook and Twitter pages for the latest newsfeeds and who’s doing what.


Playtime has been replaced with hours of video games or television. The media is pushing ads with sexual undertones to our youth as well as ads with sexual overtones to our seniors. Everything is about sex, sex and more sex; however we are somehow forgetting to share the now life threatening consequences of casual sex. What happened to making love?


Sometimes it can all be so overwhelming but the reality is that it cannot be ignored. The title of my blog today is “Take Me Back Tuesday” because I really do believe that twogether we can all infuse some of the old school values with some of the new school rules. I believe that somewhere, somebody told us to stop talking to our youth about what it was, what it is and what it shall be. So I would love your help today. I would like for you to take us back to a time when little girls wore pig tales, jumped double-dutch, played with dolls or even played hop scotch. When boys could go to the end of the block where there was an empty parking lot and play soft-ball, football or strike-em-out.


We rode our bikes without fear. Knee pads, helmets what? Really? We fell down, got bruised and hurt but we lived to play another day. We had block clubs who looked out for the block. Big Mamma was really “Big Mamma” she took care of business and was the go to woman for all of the other women on the block who didn’t know but needed to know. Penny candy was a penny and there was always a candy house with the good stuff on almost every block.


Take Me Back Tuesday… Knowing what you know right now and what you’ve been through to get right here, what would you tell the youth today? Survival tips if you will. Because while the times have changed; the GAME is still very much the same!


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