OMG, It's True: The 5 Women He Sleeps With

OMG, It's True: The 5 Women He Sleeps With
Want Love & Happiness? See Al Green. This is the show that delves on the ugly side of love, in search of the happy ending. Yes, we ask the uncomfortable questions and men give us the answers.

The SpeakEasi: Real Talk About Love and Crappiness, kicked off its premiere show over the weekend with guests Carl West, Adam Jackson and Yanni Brown.

We explored is there was any truth to comedian Corey Holcomb’s joke that there are five women that every man has in his stable at any given moment.

The five women are:

    1. The No. 1 Woman or the Wifey. This is where the man hangs his hat every night. This is the home front and he wants no trouble to land on this doorstep.
    2. The Really Cute Girl on the Side. This lady thinks she’s the main lady, but she’s not. She has limited access to the man, as Holcomb jokes, “You can change your phone number and she wouldn’t know how to find your ass.”
    3. The On-and-Off Again Chick. This is the comfortable old shoe that he’s been with for years, she’s cool but he won;t make her No. 1 because, as Holcomb explains in his bit, “There’s just something wrong with her.”
    4. The Full-Figured Lady with Good Credit. “She’ll show up and co-sign anything for you ass,” Holcomb jokes.
    5. The Booty Call. You can call her for sex at anytime, that’s her purpose.

So, I asked the guys what they thought about the whole idea. They agreed, wholeheartedly that Corey Holcomb’s joke was anything but. “Yes, that’s real,” West told the listeners. Jackson concurred, “absolutely.”

The guys discussed how men go about choosing the woman that they marry, and it has a lot to do with timing, that is, when the woman came into the man’s life.

“The No. 1 has put in the work. She’s been there from day one, no one can take her spot. The No. 2 would have to really, really work hard,” West told the audience.

The guys discussed the various ways that women have parted with their money to support them. In a nutshell, the men have acquired fancy cars, financial assistance, and, of course, vacations and celebrations, all for offering companionship in return. NOTE: The men spoke of past relationships, and they did not outright ask for these items, the women surprised them or, the women anticipated their needs.

The SpeakEasi listeners learned that West and Jackson did not consider the gifts and financial support to be gold digging,  because they cared about these women and  considered the gifts to be gestures of genuine friendship.

As you can imagine, some callers did not agree with what was said, and a few callers told us so. Several women expressed their appreciation for Carl and Adam off-air.

However, if we invite guests to join us in the studio at The SpeakEasi, we must encourage them to tell us the truth as they see it, or have lived it.

That’s the purpose, for women to gain a better understanding of what men really think in this complicated thing called love. Thus, we are grateful to our guests for sharing.

Join us next Saturday at 6 p.m. on WVON 1690, on  The SpeakEasi: Real Talk About Love & Crappiness.

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