New Film, "The Good Life" May Be Your Own

New Film, "The Good Life" May Be Your Own
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By Zondra Hughes

“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.”
–Mignon McLaughlin

Christopher Nolen’s The Good Life is an unassuming film that will make you reconsider that next secret sex session.

Powerful, beautifully filmed, and well-acted, Christopher Nolen’s The Good Life follows the trials of a young married couple as the spouses long to discover if the grass is greener in someone else’s yard.

You witness the breakdown of a good husband gone bad, a bad mistress gone mad, and a confused wife who decides to get her groove back.

Greed separates the married couple, guilt shames them, and then the call of the Good Life–that little slice of heaven that is right before their eyes–brings them back into the fold.

Perhaps you’ll watch this film to support the talent behind it. Perhaps you’ll watch this film to pay your respects to Chicago’s budding indie film scene. Whatever your reason,this film will change your outlook on everything you thought you knew about love, sex, and marriage.

Don’t miss this movie; the lessons of The Good Life may hit closer to home than you think.

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Tangi Miller, Richard Gallion, Christian Keyes, Maya
Gilbert, Mari Morrow, Ray Grady, Christopher Nolen, Christina DeLeon and Ari

Romantic Drama


Christopher Nolen, Melinda Nolen, Keisha Kidan, Mark

Produced by

Mark Harris, Tangi Miller, Christopher Nolen, Natasha

Dan Vogel.

Keisha Kidan, Christopher Nolen

Directed by
Christopher Nolen


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