Hustle Hard…. The Life of an Author

Hustle Hard…. The Life of an Author

By Yanni Brown

When I wrote my first book “Making Love Better Begins Within” I was very excited.

In my mind I saw confetti falling, balloons, interviews, radio and television appearances, paparazzi stalkers and and the celebrity status all authors are accustomed to.

When I was rudely awakened from that dream, I realized just how hard the life of an unknown author would be. I would have to dig deep and hustle hard to get the book out and about. I would have to solicit and fight for television and radio appearances. Who knew?

God knew! He knew that this book would be more than just words on paper. Making Love Better Begins Within is a book that is changing lives one read at a time, beginning with me.

What a humbling experience this has been.

Writing this book it has shown me that you will not get ahead unless you hustle hard and do the work and then some more work.

My suggestion to anyone who is looking to either self-publish or go through a publisher is to do your homework! See which option is more beneficial to you. You will not get rich as an author unless you know somebody that knows somebody that can push your book to the top. Please don’t let this be discouraging.

Let this be an eye-opening experience that you can use!

Here are some tips that have worked for me. I chose to go with a publisher, 220 Publishing. Before publishing your book, be it self-publishing or through someone, create a plan, build a brand around your book and then work it, network it, overwork it, cross collaboration work it, barter with someone work it, humble yourself work it, volunteer your time somewhere work it, become an intern in your field somewhere work it, be everywhere with your book work it, so that your book, title and your name becomes top of mind and people will associate you with a conversation, or the mere mention of your book.

Also ALL of your social networking, media and promotional materials should be consistent across the board.

When I wake up in the morning my tweet is connected to Making Love Better Begins Within! If you were to ask anyone what is Yanni Brown known for, they will quickly say something like “She is all about loving yourself or promoting healthy love.”

While I may not be the top ten best sellers list yet! I am working my way there because I believe in my brand and I believe in my product! I believe in LOVE and that when we begin to love ourselves, flaws and all we can then learn to love others authentically where they are and begin the process of Making Love Better Twogether! Who I am today is deeply rooted in the person that I was, while entangled in and who I will become.

Writing this book and sharing my journey of Making Love Better Begins Within has allowed me to generate relationships nationally and make connections with the likes of Terri J. Vaughn, Thomas K. Ford, Jennifer Holiday, Charli Penn Watkins with Essence Magazine, Nicole Ari Parker, Nicole Bitchie, Ronnie and Lamar Tyler of Black and Married With Kids, the Doug Banks Show, my favorite couple group Kindred the Family Soul and others who have read the book and saw themselves or friends of theirs in it!

As I said Making Love Better Begins Within is a book that is changing lives one read at a time. So I’m hustling hard! Making the time to take the time to make sure that every person reading is able to share in and tell their story.

This is more than a book and I am more than an author. I’m a mother, blogger and a woman who was brave enough to share her story in hopes that other women will share theirs.



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