Feeding the Hole vs. Nourishing Your Whole.

Feeding the Hole vs. Nourishing Your Whole.
Zondra Hughes

By Zondra Hughes

You must feed the hole.

The more you feed it, the more it needs to be fed.

Someone will monitor your hole; are you feeding it at the same pace as your colleagues?

If you’re tired, or weary, or sick, someone else will feed the hole.

That was a threat, did you get that? Do you understand that no matter how you’ve been trained to feed the hole, or how much care and concern you take when you feed the hole, you don’t own the hole, so the hole should not own you.

Go on, invest everything you have in feeding that hole. Just keep in mind that, you’re not entitled to the bounty that the hole produces. Also, at any moment, another will be recruited to feed the hole  for half as much as you are compensated to feed it.

That is the hole owner’s game plan; did you get that?

Do you understand that as far as the hole  is concerned, you’re expendable. And if you expect the hole to provide love, joy, or comfort, you’re delusional.

Yes, you must feed the hole; but you must also be whole.

You must strive for balance in your life.

You must detach yourself from feeding the hole and enjoy the emotional benefits of being whole, that means positive human contact. Hold hands with a loved one. Dine at a new restaurant with an old friend. Get involved with your church. Enroll in a cooking class. Kiss on your first date. Make love to your spouse as if it’s your last night on earth.

You are truly living a golden life once you establish–and maintain–distinct mental and physical boundaries between feeding the hole and nourishing YOUR WHOLE.

Now seize the day!


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