Black Marriages Are Still Standing….

Black Marriages Are Still Standing….

By Yanni Brown
In just a few short days we will honor and celebrate National Black Marriage Day. Each year for the past ten years Black Marriage Day (, has been dedicated to celebrating the institution of marriage within our community. Instituted by Nisa Muhammad of Wedded Bliss Inc. in 2002 (, Black Marriage Day is now celebrated on the fourth Sunday in March in over 300 cities and neighborhoods around the country.

This year’s national celebration of marriage is themed “It Takes Two” in honor of those couples who demonstrate the benefit of healthy marriages and are on the journey of Making Love Better TwoGether.

Contrary to what the media portrays and statistics report, couples are falling in LOVE and their marriages are still standing. As a Marriage Educator, I share with couples that Marriage is some of the hardest work that you will ever do. However it is the most rewarding return that you will ever receive on this amazing investment. I’m honored to be among those that are celebrating National Black Marriage Day. This year we will feature a film “Still Standing” by Ronnie and Lamar Tyler the creators of, Happily Ever After and You Saved Me. I met Ronnie and Lamar two years ago and have been a fan of their purpose since. A couple who have been married for six going on seven years who is making an impact by shedding light on positive healthy marriages. In this next installment of timeless love stories we will see a diverse group of couples being transparent, insightful and sharing in a conversation about what it takes to have lasting power in current day marriages. This film journeys through infidelity, chronic illness, financial crisis and more! These couples explain WHY and more importantly HOW they are STILL STANDING. Check out the trailer for the film, get your tickets and join us in Chicago, Saturday, March 31, 2012 at 7:30pm at ICE THEATERS located at 210 W. 87TH ST. CHICAGO, IL 60620. Click here for tickets.
“Still Standing” Starring Kindred the Family Soul, Speech (Arrested Development) and Yolanda Thomas and Dr. Sherry L. Blake (Braxton Family Values).

What are you doing to celebrate National Black Marriage Day and how are you Still Standing?
Making Love Better TwoGether would love to know….

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