A Trio of Blackness on Love, Men and Marriage

A Trio of Blackness on Love, Men and Marriage

By Dawgelene “Dr. Dawj” Sangster

Black Men, Black Love and Black Marriage are all special. I wear many hats and I am proud of each role that I have in wearing those hats as a woman. One role that I particularly love is being a wife – a role in which I embody the concepts of Black Love and Black Marriage.

While I emphatically believe that one can find love with anyone you choose which is awesome, I happen to have an amazing Black man and wanted to highlight some things I find amazing about Black Men, Black Love and Black Marriage, from my experience.

He believes in himself and his ability to excel at anything. When the odds are stacked against him, he continues to press forward because he knows that the end will reap huge benefits if he doesn’t waver in his Faith. He has a love for God and that usually helps to guide his decisions concerning everything he sets out to do.

He is full of knowledge and wisdom that he has learned over the years. Whether he’s young or mature, he commands attention with his knowledge that he uses to please himself and his mate, while taking time to share that wisdom to help shape the mentality of our future leaders.

He is strategic and patient with his plans for life, love and his career. He won’t rush decisions in life because they are too important to leave to chance. He takes his time in love because he wants to have the “right” woman to commit to and love for the rest of his life. He chooses his career wisely but when it is chosen, he accomplishes much — oftentimes with little to work with — and comes out shining like gold.

He stands strong not only in physical strength but when his family is faced with challenges.  He leads without hesitation and is the protector of his wife and children. Whether nicely cut in all the right places from daily workouts, or packing on a couple of extra pounds like a teddy bear, he IS all of that and more; every inch of him from the longest hair on his head down to the longest toenail.

He has the ability to love unconditionally in spite of past hurts or challenges because he chooses to love and be loved by HIS woman. When he loves, it is hard, strong and commands total submission.

He respects the women in his life, the men in his life and his children. While he understands that his wife has a role to play as an individual with hopes and dreams, he expects to be respected in all areas and his mate has no problem with taking on that task because he needs it.

He has discipline when it comes to doing anything, especially rearing his children and being a mentor and leader in his home.

He dresses better than the best of them. His ties, shoes, shirts and other accesories are always top notch. He can also wear jeans and sweats and still be stunning because he is yours and you know it.

Swag Stroll
He has this walk that NO MAN can ever mimic or replace. His swag is so cool, powerful and manly that you want to melt at the very sight of him. It is something about the way he sits, stands or looks that says, “I am a total man and I am yours; come and get it,” at which point, you gladly submit.

The great thing about Black Love, Black Marriage and Black Men is that you love them all equally because they are amazing. I have learned that I am blessed to have experienced all of them in my lifetime and it’s truly a privilege to have had that opportunity.

What’s your experience with the trio of Black Love, Black Marriage and Black Men?

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