A Journey To Embrace Change

by Dawgelene “Dr. Dawj” Sangster

 My 3rd book on empowerment for women, “Behold You 2- Embrace Change,” launches today. This book focuses on women being empowered after painful circumstances in life to include sexual abuse, domestic violence and being homeless.

The book was written because so many women deal with painful situations and suffer in silence as I did for many years. I had to change my thought process about my situation and embrace my potential to become better. Women need to know that it is important for them to adjust their thoughts about changing their situations, and then take action to bring about positive change and balance in their lives. Chronicling my history of courage and empowerment for my children, grandchildren and women across the globe was important for Black History Month and beyond.

As an African-American woman, not only was my journey of redemption important, but also reflecting on what it took for me to move beyond pain and grasp my purpose in the process was equally important. Over time, I realized that we as women have the strength of nations in our hearts and souls, and that we are truly Fabulous, Awesome, Wonderful, and Amazing! I eventually called this the F.A.W.A principle for women and I live by it daily. The principle represents that fact that women are: 

  • Fabulous because of our inner/outer beauty
  • Awesome because God is awesome and we acquired the heir heritage
  • Wonderful because of our testimonies of strength and over-coming
  • Amazing because of our faith and our heart to help others

I have taught my daughter and grand daughter this principle and spend time telling other women about the importance of knowing their worth, why its important, and why they need to walk in their purpose. Once we understand our purpose and why we have the strength and stamina of soldiers to fight when it seems like there is no fight remaining, we will understand our journey and embrace change. F.A.W.A!

Pick up your copy of the book below and tell me why you EMBRACE CHANGE:

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