When a Man Feeds a Woman

When a Man Feeds a Woman
House of Trend's H.O.T. Men Cook Competition.

by Zondra Hughes

Yvette Moyo Gillard is on to something, and has been for years: Real Men Cook.

And they are undeniably sexy.

Perhaps sexy is too cheap of a word to describe what I felt as I witnessed men cook at the House of Trend H.O.T. Men Cook Competition held on yesterday.

The chefs were alluring, and mesmerizing; an intoxicating blend of pride and desire is closer to the feelings that I experienced when they fed me.

You see, when a man cooks, he is trespassing into the kitchen, for so long considered the woman’s domain, as traditional gender roles dictate he is to hunt, and we are to nurture.

Thus, for a hunter to partake in the nurturing act of preparing a meal makes him rebellious and mysterious to me.

As I watched these brothers present their signature dishes, I wondered, who taught them how to cook?  Who taught them the art of presentation? Where did they get those mouth-watering recipes? What does it feel like to trot out your “signature dish” for a group of strangers?

I would have asked the guys these thought-provoking questions, but I was too busy eating their food.

On behalf of women everywhere, I must proclaim that real men rock.


Check out the men in action!


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