Real Couples Who the Take Time for Real Love

Real Couples Who the Take Time for Real Love

by Yanni Brown

Real love takes time.

It’s courting, talking on the phone til the wee hours of the morning.

It’s taking the time to get to know your mate better.

It’s the romantic dates, long walks and steamy conversations.

It’s roses just because or a morning text that says “I’m thinking about you!”

It’s a slow dance where he holds you close and makes you feel safe.

Some would say, “yeah right,” but if you know love, ever experienced love or even wanted to feel what love feels like, you will know it’s real by the way you feel.

So many of us have been misused, abused and broken by love that any attempts to connect to it, through it or for it, is an epic fail. Because somehow, somewhere your love was taken! Taken for granted, taken for a ride or just taken and never returned.

When real love serenades you, your heart will answer because real love will always find a way. Sometimes it just takes time.

This blog is about celebrating real love in these times and finding love on their time.

I’m glad to hear that Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union are taking their time and enjoying their journey of falling love. They want to get it right. They both understand that their previous relationships were teachable moments and they both have learned.  Dwyane and Gabrielle don’t want to make the same mistakes so they are taking their time and the necessary steps to Making Love Better TwoGether.

Daniel “Boobie” Gibson and Keyshia Cole talked on the phone for months before they even met. They, too, wanted to be sure about each other before marrying. Taking their time, they felt it was important to have those conversations about goals, expectations and family. Their real love made a real connection!

I had the privilege of meeting Eric Benet and just before he sang his new hit single “Real Love” Eric Benet broke it down for us by simply saying…. Sometimes you have to grow up in LOVE and if you are lucky, you get a second chance to experience REAL LOVE!

Eric Benet and his beautiful wife Manuela Testolini are Making Love Better TwoGether.

For Ron and Pepper Miller they found Real Love twice. They were married eight years the first time. Divorced for five years, and they just celebrated ten years of being married again this past December. Their Real Love experience is that they learned that marriage has its bumps, but there’s nobody that they’d rather have their bumps with. Their lesson learned here is to hang tough and make it work.

These celebrity couples and everyday couples are taking their time and finding real love in one another. You can see it, feel it and hear it: these couples are Making Love Better TwoGether.

So while the media is taking up space and time to see who’s getting divorced I’m enjoying the journey of those who are making the time to take the time fall in love over and over again.

Real Love Lessons Learned by Real Couples that are Making Love Better TwoGether!

So, how are you making time for love?






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