My Next Chapter...What's Yours?

My Next Chapter...What's Yours?

By Yolanda Yanni Brown

It’s 2012 and guess what? You’ve made it!

You’ve been given a second chance to do something great or greater.

If your 2011 was anything like mine, there were several times where I just wanted to throw in the towel, wave my white flag, even seclude myself on a remote island while the hard stuff just passed me by.

Well you and I both know that I didn’t make it to the island.

However I did make it to church, first Sunday of 2012, which is almost like going to a remote island. There I can just get away and soak it all in.

It is there where I can experience the Son, the word, the message and I get to shed a few tears that tend to release me from the stress of everyday life.

There were so many messages from Sunday’s service and Twitter that inspired me that I thought that I would share them with you:

  • 2012 is here and so are you! Things may not be as you think that they should be, or the way that you want them to be, but this is a great opportunity for a second chance.
  • Think of the past year as a chance to look back and reflect. Maybe there were some things that you could have done differently or a lesson that needed to be learned.
  • This is a second chance to include Him in your decision making process.
  • Take what you’ve learned in 2011 and become a more loving mother, a fabulous father, a wonderful wife and/or a loving husband.
  • Gather the courage to pursue your dreams, get your degree, color outside of the lines or whatever it is you now have another opportunity to “JUST DO IT!”
  • Remember that your past does not determine who you are or who you will become.
  • Bring in your New Year with the celebration of you!
  • This year, make the time to take the time to take care of you. The more that you fall in love and cultivate a relationship with you, the more that you will understand that you cannot be all things to everyone without sacrificing some of you! When you love you, saying “no” is really saying yes!

So take off the masks and become who you need to be for you because “Making Love Better Begins Within,” always.

Last but not least, I checked out Oprah’s “My Next Chapter” on the OWN network Sunday and she confirmed that we all have a story to tell and it is up to us to figure out how we want to share it.

We have a choice in our lives contrary to the sticks and stones that try to break us.

It is up to us to create the next chapter in our lives!

It’s 2012 and you’ve made it! Today you have another chance. What’s your next chapter? If you could do anything and you knew that you would not fail what would you do?
What are you passionate about? What wakes you up inside and makes you smile?

Let’s blog about it!


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