True Beauties That Rock!

True Beauties That Rock!

By Yolanda Yanni Brown

This weekend was all about ME, well not really… it was about connecting, making a difference, giving back and pouring into others.

However, I felt like it was about ME because I got so much out of this weekend.

My weekend started with a much needed relaxing bubble bath, scented candles and a glass of wine. It was a great way for me to refill my cup that I often share with others.

Saturday I was up and back at it… I attended the “Brand You” workshop with Lori Banks of Taylor Made Invites where she shared some positive, insightful information about how to brand yourself and or your business. Her presentation was awesome.

The women there bonded and openly shared their hopes and fears about being entrepreneurs, mothers, wives and more; these women were inspirational because they were not afraid but willing, willing to be open so that other women could leran from their experiences. We all left Lori’s event with great tips and personalized gifts.

One tip that was shared “A brand consists of more than a logo, a brand tells who your company is, what you do and how you do it. Be sure that you are conveying the message that you want to come across.”

Hmmm talking about building your brand!

That evening I met with a friend who is interested in starting her own business and I poured into her what I had just learned in the “Brand You” workshop.

Sunday was back to “Restoration Yanni Brown” with an amazing praise, worship and much needed message from my church Mars Hill. The message was simple for me, God speaks but the bigger question is “Am I listening?”

Sometimes you have to get in a quiet space so that the questions that you’ve wondered about or sent up in prayer can be answered. Then are you applying what you have heard. You can’t hear if you are always distracted by people, places and things.

Later that day, I was re-energized and ready for the afternoon festivities of M.E.D.I.A. GIRLS, True Beauties Brunch.

The doors opened for the True Beauties Brunch hosted by M.E.D.I.A. GIRLS Chundria Stanback and Nekia Nichelle came to life.

In the blink of an eye there were wall-to-wall girls with moms, grandmas, aunts, teachers and even some fathers. They were all wide-eyed and filled with excitement and enthusiasm. These little ladies got what they came for!

They learned that Making Love Better Begins Within, the importance of keeping your skin clean; that less is more when wearing make-up; how to accessorize and what walking tall says about you! (That was just the first hour).

Chundria and Nekia had an outstanding group of panelists who were on hand to answer questions about beauty, loving self, peer pressure and the women shared very personal and candid things about themselves.

The grand finale of my weekend was sitting with millions of women and girls and watching “Black Girls Rock.”

What a great time we all had cheering each other on and congratulating the women and girls who were celebrated, young and old, as they shared amazing words of wisdom that I could totally relate to.

Here are some of the most memorable quotes that I heard:

“Stop hanging around people with your same problems, and hang with those who have your solution.”- TheRealTaraji

“Let your light shine even when others want to turn it off or try to make you dim it a little…” #BlackGirlsRock

With an education you can create any dream for your future! Tatyana Ali

“When you truly love & honor yourself, true love will find you!” Tatyana Ali

“It doesn’t matter if you are young or old… We all rock” Shirley Ceasar


What a wonderful weekend of inspiration of giving up, giving in and giving back.

It was beautiful to see so many women stepping up and stepping out to encourage another, support each other and share with the world that Black Girls Rock with True Beauty!

Each day I am confirmed and inspired to encourage and inspire another.

And I invite you to do the same….



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    awesome!!! as entrepreneurs we must be able to differentiate our craft from a hobby to a profession and your image will show potential clients the difference. If there is one thing that I can offer anyone as a word of advice is "invest in yourself" IT SHOWS!
    Yanni, thank you for taking your life to show women that they have a purpose and ways of honoring what that purpose is. I appreciate your friendship and respect you personally and professionally (even though I'm Mrs. Brown now) =)

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