The Perfect Gift: His ... in a Box!

The Perfect Gift: His ... in a Box!
Saturday Night Live skit.

By Zondra Hughes
I was so blessed to meet the woman who has made me laugh out loud for years, Katreese Barnes.

Barnes is the new music director for the Rosie O’Donnell show, and for ten years she was the music director/comedic writer for Saturday Night Live.

My absolute favorite music skit from Barnes’ (and other SNL members’) reportoire is “My D*ck in a Box.” Now, Justin Timberlake is funny as hell in this video, and according to the 23-plus million YouTube views, this song is a classic.

Anyone who knows me knows that I like pretty, girly things. Gifts are nice, yes, but I don’t like what some folks are willing to do to get the perfect gift. Spraying pepper spray in a crowded store? Fighting? Shooting? Looting?

Oh, come on, people. It’s not THAT serious. So if bills are stacking up and your finances are a little lean this season, how about you cook her a great meal, buy a pretty box, cut a hole in the bottom and present that gift to your lady.

And for that gift, re-gifting her is expected! :0)

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