One Life to Live...Are You Living Your Best Life or Someone Else’s?

One Life to Live...Are You Living Your Best Life or Someone Else’s?

By Yolanda (Yanni) Brown
I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve spent a nice chunk of my life living and existing as who and what everyone else thought I should be instead of who I’ve always known that I could be.
I almost fell for it!

I could have become what others thought that I should be. It wasn’t until I was in the fight of my life that I decided that I had one life to live and I was going to live my best life according to God’s will.

It was a mixed bag of emotions when I first mumbled the words “God what is your will for my life?” Then I looked around as if something weird or magical would happen. I was nervous that a bolt of lightning would come down and I would be instantly changed.

Needless to say, none of that happened.

What did happen was that I found myself more in tune with who I was; what I wanted and needed for me.

I found myself peeling off the layers and labels of what others wanted and expected of me, and leaving them where I found them until I found myself completed naked.
When I turned around I saw baggage, ill feelings that I had neatly tucked away for a rainy day. There was residue of jealousy and bitterness that I wore with pride once upon a time.
The pile I left behind included several masks that I wore daily and hid behind, just in case someone really wanted to get to know the real me.

I felt the weight lifted off my shoulders and I fell in love with me.

I know what you are thinking–that’s not hard at all.

Well it is very hard to do if you don’t like yourself very much or if you don’t know who you are to begin with. It was in all of my pain that I discovered me and in that process was “ME!” She was waiting on me to find her. She brought along her friends JOY, LOVE and HAPPINESS and boy let me tell you, I’ve been having the time of my life.
In the process of falling in love with me, PASSION showed up with PURPOSE.

Something AMAZING happens when you discover who you are and whose you are. The journey becomes that much more colorful. You become more present in people, places, and things.
You will find that you are happier. That doesn’t mean that you won’t have issues, situations or circumstances, you will just look at them differently because you know that your issue is not your source.

Every day, I’m allowed to have the pleasure of waking up is an opportunity to inspire someone, encourage someone, share a smile or hug with someone or send a smiley face to brighten someone’s day. I know what that smile on the inside feels like, so I want to share it with someone else.

Yeah we could focus on would’ve, should’ve , could’ves but is that really living your best life in this moment?

This year alone we’ve lost some very near and dear people and the only question that I have is: Were they living their best life or someone else’s?
I challenge you to LET GO, GIVE IN, GIVE UP or whatever you need to do to get busy living your best life, because this is NOT a dress rehearsal! LIVE your best life on purpose today because tomorrow is not promised!

Are YOU Living Your Best Life or Someone Else’s?
If you are living your best life I would love to hear about it.

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