Do You Have a Bungee Marriage?

Do You Have a Bungee Marriage?

by Dawgelene “Dr Dawj” Sangster

A Bungee jumper is considered a person that seeks “Thrills” and likes to jump from high places. As they approach the ground; their cord will usually snap them back up for a thrill ride back to the top. This happens until the energy in the cord has been exhausted and the cord slowly stops. The cords are composed of many latex strands inside of a tough outer core that further enforces the strength and durability of the cord. If you think about it, marriages can be considered like a bungee cord.
Inner Core

The inner core of your marriage is like the many latex strands of the Bungee cord. They are the different cultures, values, experiences, knowledge, respect, love, communication, humor, fun, and challenges that both individuals bring to the relationship. They start with a few individual strands, but over time, strand by strand, these things are interwoven together, to make a solid inner core. This core has the strength to work through happy times and challenging times, because of the strength of the many strands from both spouses.

Outer Core

The outer core of a marriage is like the tough and durable outer core of the Bungee cord. You have the undying love for your spouse that solidifies this outer core, and makes it withstand the tough jumps that you may encounter in your marriage. The love is not just any kind of love, but a covenant love that has the durability to enforce the strength of the inner strands. The love allows you to look beyond what you actually see, and to try and see the great potential that your marriage has to be amazing. The love strands of the core encourages you to not focus on the bad things or just give up when things goes awry, but to stand strong to make your marriage work.

Bounce Backs

Potential errors can happen with the equipment in Bungee jumping, mostly due to human error. Errors can also happen in marriages due to one spouse or the other. The error may be because things do not go as planned; someone said something that the other did not like; someone committed adultery; the children, finances; and the list goes on. The strength of the inner core and the outer core together, allows the marriage to bounce back. Some bungee jumpers jump from further distances than others, and it takes them longer to get back to the top. In marriages, some may take longer to bounce back to the top as well. During the distance back up, the spouses are doing “what it takes” to ensure the cord does not break.

What is “what it takes,” when it comes to bouncing back in marriages? The love, care, concern, counseling, communication, etc, all play key roles in getting the marriage back to the top. Conversations should take place and over time, things can get better if both spouses contribute equally to making the marriage work. What things have caused your marriages/relationships to garner strength and bounce back like the bungee cord?

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