Clear the Burger from your Plate to Make Room for the Steak!

Clear the Burger from your Plate to Make Room for the Steak!

by Gina B.

Have you ever found yourself in a dating rut?  Where you keep attracting the same people  . . . and they’re the wrong people?  But they’re better than nothing, right?  And you might as well keep them around until something better comes along, yes? 

 Ummm . . . no. 

 One of my very good friends is an advocate of clearing your plate of the greasy, indigestion-inspiring burger to make way for the succulent, sophisticated, high-quality steak (which is an interesting analogy given that he’s a pescatarian and I don’t eat red meat, but I’ll go with it).

His theory has merit.   If you keep entertaining the ones you don’t want or need, there is no room in your life for the right person. 

 He recalls spending his time with a lot of different women who didn’t possess many (if any) of the characteristics of his ideal woman.  At some point he decided to wipe the plate clean of his low quality burgers and spend time focused on meeting and attracting the person that he ultimately wanted to be with.

 It has worked for him so far.  He’s now in a good relationship with a prime cut of Kobe filet mignon, and feels that his burger days are behind him. 

 But, what if the steak isn’t readily available?  What if you’ve been searching for a juicy steak, cooked to perfection, and the only thing you’re finding is ground chuck?  Wouldn’t it be acceptable to have a little bit of burger to tide you over? 

 It’s okay if you’re still clinging to the burger.  Your burger days might not be over, which is fine.  But if you’re ready to ditch the burger for a steak, there are certain things to keep in mind:

  1. You never know who’s watching.  If your would-be steak is checking you out, and sees you spending time with a burger, your chances are shot before you even realize it.  I don’t recommend settling for a burger if you’re looking for a steak, but we’re all human.  If it’s been a while and you absolutely MUST have a burger?  Keep it private and occasional.  (Don’t blame me if you get heartburn.)
  2. Simplify your life.  Your steak isn’t going to have the tolerance to wait for you to tie several loose ends. 
  3. In order to attract a steak, you should be a steak.  Bottom line, be a quality person and behave accordingly, and you will attract what you desire.    
  4. Once you go steak, you never go back.  If you find your steak, do what it takes to keep him/her.  If not, you’re going to be making a sad trip back to the White Castle drive-through.



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  • Love it! Great article. So glad I cleared my plate. :) Your fellow chick

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